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Netflix needs no introduction as people all around the world use this video streaming service to wipe out boredom for a little while. However, it cannot escape technical faults. On many occasions, your source of entertainment, Netflix, just stops streaming the videos and spoils your fun while your Internet and other applications work just fine. […]

Netflix needs no introduction as people all around the world use this video streaming service to wipe out boredom for a little while. However, it cannot escape technical faults.

On many occasions, your source of entertainment, Netflix, just stops streaming the videos and spoils your fun while your Internet and other applications work just fine.

In this guide, we will provide you the easiest way to eliminate some common Netflix issues in no time. Now, there is no need to trouble yourself and waste your time to Google your different problems with Netflix as this is one stop post.

Most of the times, the users have same queries. For instance, how to reset Netflix, How to download movies from Netflix directly to my smartphone, or how to eliminate a certain error code. In here, you will get quick solutions for most of your Netflix questions, such as solution for Netflix connection problem.

Let us have a look at possible questions regarding Netflix. You do not have to go anywhere in the search for their answer, you will find them all, right here.

14 Common Problems in Netflix and Their Fixes

Is Netflix Down?

Have you seen any of the following messages before?

  • Unable to reach Netflix service. Try again later.
  • Cannot reach Netflix.com.
  • Unable to connect to Netflix.
  • Cannot Connect to Netflix. Please visit netflix.com.
  • Android Error: Connection Failed.
  • Netflix is unavailable or not available.

Whenever people get such connection errors, the first thing they do is search the question ‘Is Netflix Down?’ on Google.

To find out the real cause, you can simply use DownDetector. This tool enables the users to check whether they are having troubles with Netflix or not.

If this service displays that Netflix is down or you see a number of complaints, there is no worth to continue right now as it is a system wide problem that only Netflix can fix. However, you can attempt a reset of your connection on your device or smartphone to check if it is a bigger or just a local problem.

Moreover, you can visit Netflix CS Twitter account to see recent problems with Netflix. In here, you will get confirmation for the existing problems like Netflix streaming problem, problems with searching Netflix or other bugs. This status page is as close to the official one. Thus, you can evaluate out easily that you will spend the rest of the day with or without Netflix entertainment.

There is a possibility that Netflix is down, but it is also possible that Netflix is not the culprit. It can be your Internet connection or some other reason behind the problem. Continue reading to know more about them.

Facing Netflix Streaming Problem?

Is something preventing you from enjoying your favorite shows? Is the video quality is poor or taking a really long time to actually start? If your answer is ‘Yes’, you are facing the Netflix streaming problem.

Facing Netflix Streaming Problem

It can be due to a bad Internet connection and it is a common problem when you have shared the Internet connection. For this, you can run a Speedtest to check whether you are getting the minimum speed required for HD and SD quality or not.

After checking it, fix the issue by following these steps:

  • Restart your device (Game Console, Smart TV, iPhone) on which you are streaming Netflix.
  • Give your Router a restart. Unplug it from the power source and wait for 60 seconds before plugging it back.
  • Restart your Modem. To do so, unplug your modem and wait for around 30 to 60 seconds before you plug it back.
  • Check the location of your Wi-Fi router. Check that your router is not hiding behind any object. Also, make sure to keep it at an elevated location, away from the devices like a microwave oven and a cordless phone.

If the issue still persists, try to connect your device directly to the modem with an Ethernet cable from your ISP and figure out, is it the router who is raising the issue or the company whom you pay for your Internet access. Many companies put the blame on the router, but this step will confirm from where the actual problem is occurring. Thus, you can directly contact them for the support.

Fix: “Unable to download Netflix movies”

The new feature of Netflix lets you download movies smoothly to your Android phone, iPhone or iPad. But many times, it causes troubles.

Before you start looking for its solution, ensure that you use Android 4.4.2 or above and iOS 8.0 and above and the latest Netflix version.

In case, you are meeting the expectations of the device requirements, you have to make sure that there is enough storage on your device, in addition, your Internet connection is properly working.

Also, this problem arises in different mobile brands that run on the Android operating system, such as Honor and Huawei. To check your brand, have a look at the list given on HD streaming support page.

How to reset Netflix?

Do you want to reset your Netflix on connected devices like PS4 and Xbox? You can enter the following code:

“Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up”.

Note: You have to make use of your remote control to input the above-mentioned code.

After this, you will get an option for deactivating Netflix and you’ll be able to sign in back as fresh. Moreover, this clears up some annoying errors with the service on consoles.

How to fix Connection problems on Netflix?

When you are not able to connect to the Netflix, at first, check whether you are able to access (visit) other websites on the same device or computer or not. In case you do, you have to fix the Netflix connection problem quickly.

How to fix Connection problems on Netflix?

Those who use Netflix on their smartphones should turn their Wi-Fi or cellular connection off to see if this way they are able to fix the issue or not. Sometimes, switching to another form of connectivity eliminates a bad connection and start Netflix.

Other steps that you can follow:

  • Restart the Netflix app.
  • Restart your device.
  • Un-install and then re-install Netflix.

Also, you can utilize this guide for troubleshooting your specific device when unable to connect to Netflix.

Error 1011 & 1012: How to fix them?

The two most common error of Netflix on iPad and iPhone is Netflix Error 1011 and Error 1012.

Here is the step by step guide to fix this Netflix-iPhone issue.

Error 1011 & 1012: How to fix them?

Reset the Netflix application:

  • Go to the settings on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and tap on Netflix.
  • Tap on Reset.
  • Go back using your Home button and open Netflix to sign in back.

In case, it is of no help, fix the problem by restarting your iPad or iPhone. If nothing changes, just delete the app and install it again.

If this fails too, turn off your home network and after turning on, try another source of the Internet connection.

Netflix Error 12001: How to fix it?

iPhone and iPad users are not the only one facing Netflix errors, the users of Android also come across with Netflix Error like 12001. The reason why you are seeing this error is your device data is out of date and needs to be cleared.

Netflix Error 12001: How to fix it?

For this, follow:

  • Go to the Android Settings.
  • Then, Application Manager.
  • Open Netflix and tap on clear data.
  • Hit ‘OK’ icon.

If this fails, try to use a different wireless Internet connection.

Netflix Error 1016: How to fix it?

Apart from Netflix Error 1011 & 1012, Netflix Error 1016 also follows the iPad and iPhone users. This mainly happens when you do not have a good Internet connection.

Netflix Error 1016: How to fix it?

If you want to reset the connection to your iPad or iPhone, follow:

  • On your Home screen, swipe up.
  • Tap on the Airplane icon to turn on airplane mode on.
  • Wait for around 30 seconds and turn it off.

This will fix your problem. In case, it doesn’t, restart your device or try to use another Internet connection.

Too Many users on Netflix: How to fix it?

If you are sharing Netflix password with someone or suddenly you lose your Internet connection and when you get back, you see a message, “Your Netflix account is in use on another device. Please stop playing on other devices to continue. Visit Netflix.com/help for more information.”, you have to check who is connected to your Netflix account.

Sometimes, this occurs because you lose the Internet connection, however, it may take up to 2 hours for the issue to go away itself.

Moreover, there are many plans that allow the user to use two screens at a single time. If you want to share the screen (i.e. needs more screens), you have to upgrade your current plan to the expensive one.

In case, you wish to remove someone from your account, with whom you were sharing your screen, simply change your password. After this, go to the official website of Netflix> My Account> Sign out All connected Devices. Please note, this may take a few hours to implement.

How to Reset password for the Netflix account?

Changing your password time-to-time is a great idea. To change your current password, follow:

  • Go to the official website of Netflix.
  • Click on My Account.
  • Click on the Change Password option.
  • Verify your identity by entering old password.
  • Enter your new password and once again for confirmation.

How to Reset password for the Netflix account?

Now, you have to choose an option, whether the current users need to log in again using the new password or not. This is a bonus, if you want to remove any current user from your account, you can eliminate him without a hitch.

In case, you have forgotten your Netflix password, just click on Forgot password link that you’ll see on the Netflix login page. Also, you have an option to reset it via text, email or voice call.

Netflix Suspicious Sign In Problem? Here’s the way to fix it.

Sometimes, the users receive an email from Netflix that “Netflix Password reset required”. This will take you to ‘Create a new Netflix password’ page.

If you get any emails with the following text, quickly you have to take an action.


It is not recommended to click on any such links. As there is a possibility that it can be a scammer and is posing as Netflix. It is suggested to go to the official website of Netflix and click on forgot your password to reset your current password. This will send you a link and from there you have to create your new password.

Make sure to create a unique password, a difficult one to crack.

Netflix Apple TV Problem: How to fix it?

If you are not able to stream or watch movies from Netflix account on your Apple TV, you need to take some actions to fix the problem.

Assuming that you can connect your Apple TV to other Internet services, you can attempt to restart your television. Unplug it from your Apple TV and the Internet and after waiting for a few seconds, plug it back. This will resolve your problem.

Netflix Apple TV Problem: How to fix it?

In case, it fails, you need to sign out from your account. When you see the error, press the play button and afterward, deactivate or sign out.

If it shows you the error while playing a movie, press the menu button on your remote control. When it will show you ‘Who’s watching Netflix’ message, you can select the sign out option. After waiting for a while, sign in back.

If this fails, you have to update the software of your Apple TV to the latest one. Here, is the guide to update Apple TV.

Netflix PS4 problem: How to fix it?

Users who are facing PS4 Netflix problems, yet, are still able to use other applications that run on Internet service, should un-install the Netflix app and re-install it back.

Go to the video screen or TV on your PS4. Now, from your controller, press the option button. Afterward, select the Delete option, followed by ‘OK’.

When you delete the application, you will still see the icon on your screen. Just select it to re-download the app. Upon completion, sign in back and start streaming again.

Netflix Xbox One Problem: How to fix it?

If at any point of time, you experience the Xbox One Netflix issue, you can follow the given steps to fix the issue immediately.

At first, turn off your Xbox One completely for around 15-30 seconds. Now, turn it one and this will fix some of the problems with the application.

In case it fails, open the Netflix app and on your controller, press the Xbox One button. Now, go to the settings and log out from your account. After waiting for a few seconds, log in back and check whether it has resolved the problem or not.

For those, who are still not able to use Netflix, un-install the Netflix and re-install it to eliminate the problem completely.

Netflix Black Screen problem: How to fix it?

Many times, while streaming Netflix on your PC or MAC, you get a black screen. However, within a few minutes, you can fix it.

At first, visit Netflix Cookies clearing website.

After attempting Cookies removal, all Netflix files from your system will be removed as well as it will sign you out from your Netflix account.

Netflix Black Screen problem: How to fix it?

In case, it fails, close your current browser and try to stream Netflix from another one. For instance, if you are using Safari or Chrome, try to use FireFox or the Internet Explorer.

Also, you will need to remove the Silverlight Plugin by uninstalling it from your computer system. You can take this guide for reference if you are using Windows or Mac.

Furthermore, this problem can be due to FireFox plugins or out-of-date Antivirus software.

Instantly Take Help from the Netflix Expert

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