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Bitdefender Antivirus Support Phone Number

Is your device security at risk because you Bitdefender antivirus isn’t working properly? Don’t suffer anymore, just dial the toll-free Bitdefender antivirus support phone number and talk directly with the expert representatives of Bitdefender customer support. Discuss all the problems you are facing because of your Bitdefender antivirus. Bitdefender customer service is always available to help out the consumers with their issues and solve them as soon as possible.

Before you contact Bitdefender antivirus support, make sure that you have noted down all the issues that you want to discuss to resolve all the problems with just one call without any hassle.

How to Contact Bitdefender Antivirus Support?

You can surf the whole web to find Bitdefender antivirus support phone number or you can just look here. Yes, you can find the phone number to contact Bitdefender customer support right here. Just find the number and dial, you will get connected with customer representatives in no time and the best part is that number is toll-free. Bitdefender customer support resolves all your issues associated with the installation, update or the performance of the product.

Issues Faced by Bitdefender Antivirus Users

Bitdefender antivirus users generally face problems associated with the installation and utilization of product on various operating systems, privacy-related problems and the issues associated with the activation of the product.

General FAQs with Bitdefender Antivirus


How to use Bitdefender Safepay?

Bitdefender automatically detects when the user visits an online shop or online banking site in any browser. Then, it guides the user to open the site in Bitdefender Safepay. However, if you want to directly access the main interface of Bitdefender Safepay, follow the methods below:

  • To access from Bitdefender interface:
  1. On the main window of Bitdefender, click the ‘Privacy’ icon
  2. Select the Safepay button.
  • To access from Windows 7:
  1. Click ‘Start’ button and move the cursor to ‘All Programs’.
  2. Go to Bitdefender.
  3. Select Bitdefender Safepay.
  • To access from Windows 8/8.1:

Type “Bitdefender Safepay” on the Start screen and then click the icon to launch Safepay.

  • To access from Windows 10:

Type “Bitdefender Safepay” in the search box in the taskbar and click the icon to launch Safepay.

How to activate Bitdefender antivirus?

You can activate your subscription also by following these steps:

1.Open Bitdefender Central.

2.On the left side of the window, go to the ‘My Subscriptions’ section.

3.Click ‘Activation Code button and in the corresponding field type the activation code that you got from the retailer or with your product.

What are the steps to scan a Mac device using Bitdefender antivirus?

To start a scan using Bitdefender antivirus, follow these steps:

  1. Start Bitdefender Antivirus on your Mac device.
  2. Select between the four scan buttons and click to start the scan.
  • To check for the malware present in the document containing folders, temporary files, mail downloads, and other vulnerable locations click ‘Scan Critical Locations.
  • To check the entire system i.e. all the folders and files, for malware select ‘Full System Scan’. However, the full system scan takes time. Moreover, it is advised to perform a full system scan at a time when you are not doing any important task on your system.
  • To scan a specific location on your device, i.e. a certain file or folder, click ‘Scan a Custom Location.’

How can I switch my account in Bitdefender?

To switch Bitdefender Central accounts, follow the instructions below:

  1. In the main window of Bitdefender, click the Account button.
  2. Select ‘Switch Account to modify the account linked.
  3. Enter the e-mail address and password of the new account in the corresponding fields and click ‘Sign In’.

Where can I find Bitdefender Safe Files?

To open Bitdefender Safe Files, follow the steps given below:

  • Open Bitdefender.
  • In the main window, Click the ‘Protection’
  • Click ‘View Features’.

Australia Number (AU) (TOLL-FREE) 6-1363491276

UK Number (TOLL-FREE) 4-417 2244 6140

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