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VoodooShield Antivirus Support Phone Number

Sometimes it is really annoying when you get a security software on your device and it still shows security threats. If you have a VoodooShield antivirus and still facing security threats, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. Just dial the VoodooShield antivirus support phone number to talk with the expert representatives of Voodooshield antivirus support. The number is toll-free and you can connect with professional executives free of cost.

Before connecting with VoodooShield antivirus support don’t forget to note down your problems somewhere. This will help you remember all your queries and you’ll be able to discuss everything in just one call.

How to contact VoodooShield Antivirus Support?

You don’t need to worry about going places or spending a lot of money to contact Voodooshield antivirus support. It is a very easy job. You just need to dial VoodooShield antivirus support phone number and in no time our representatives will pick up your call and will answer all your queries. Customer representatives are available 24*7 at your service. Dial and connect with them to resolve your issues whenever you want to.

Common Problems with VoodooShield Antivirus

VoodooShield antivirus users can face following problems :

  1. Issues with the software setup & installation
  2. Scanning problems

VoodooShield Antivirus FAQs


What are the advantages of VoodooShield Pro over the Free version?

VoodooShield Free is non-commercial and can be easily downloaded from VoodooShield official website. It is highly preferred by home users, however, they aren’t able to customize most of the settings and features which are available for Pro version users.

VoodooShield Pro users can modify or customize the settings of their security software and in addition to this, it also includes some corporate features that are useful for business enterprises while VoodooShield Free has some a set of pre-defined essential settings which are enough for most of the users.

What should be the specifications of my System to run VoodooShield Antivirus?

If you are using VoodooShield on a Windows system, it is supported on Windows OS Vista to Windows 10 either 32 or 64 bit. However, in case of servers, it is compatible with all the 32/64 bit servers between Windows 2008 Server and Windows Server 2012 R2.

I can’t install the latest version of Voodoshield as it is blocking me from doing so. How can I resolve this?

Don’t worry about it, VoodooShield usually blocks everything. If you want to install the latest version, Right click and select exit to go out of VoodooShield. Now, you can easily download and install the latest version and upgrade your Voodooshield security.

How much time does it take to train VoodooShield for allowing or blocking the programs?

VoodooShield can be trained easily and quickly. It just takes about 10 minutes to train VoodooShield and once you are done with training VoodooShield, there won’t be any annoying antivirus scans and pop-ups again.

Can I remove viruses and malware with VoodooShield?

No, Voodooshield can’t remove malware and viruses from your system. However, it can protect your system from getting infected by harmful programs.

Can VoodooShield slow down my computer like other Antivirus Software?

No, VoodooShield is a fast software and acquires very limited space on your hard drive. Moreover, you can observe improved system speed once you replace your current Antivirus program with VoodooShield.

Can VoodooShield protect my computer from all the virus threats?

Well, right now it is difficult to say yes for this statement but at some point in future VoodooShield might be able to protect your system from all the possible threats. It has been tested against a large number of threat programs and it performed exceptionally well every time. However, VoodooShield is still upgrading, and new security measures and features are being added to the program. Despite all of this, VoodooShield security is much advanced and effective antivirus as compared to other traditionalprograms.

I tried to open a website and VoodooShield keeps flashing and asking me to close it. What should I do now?

Most likely you have visited anunknown or questionable website and VoodooShield is trying to protect your system from a threat. It is highly recommended to close the website as it may harm your system.

I tried to open a trusted website and it isn’t functioning properly as VoodooShield is blocking the access, how to troubleshoot this problem?
VoodooShield functions properly with a lot of websites. But at times, some websites require special applications and VoodooShield fails to allow. If you are facing issues with trusted websites, just turn OFF VoodooShield and try to open the website again. When the website starts functioning properly, you can turn VoodooShield back ON. However, if you forget to turn it ON, VoodooShield will reactivate automatically.

Australia Number (AU) (TOLL-FREE) 6-1363491276
UK Number (TOLL-FREE) 4-417 2244 6140

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