Dedicated to all the Internet users, the Avast Company has launched its Avast Antivirus product in the market in order to help people keep their computer systems secure and stay worry-free. Avast has been recognized as one of the biggest computer security companies around the world. It utilizes the next generation technology in protecting your PCs from cyber attacks.

The major difference between other next-gen technology using companies and Avast is its excellent cloud-based infrastructure created by Avast Support that is capable of seeing almost all the activities made on the web. Its machine learning engine is capable of receiving a steady stream of data from all over the web, whether it is bad or good. With the help of the most talented and trained cyber security experts and their innovative approach, Avast Antivirus can always beat most of the threats to your systems.

The machine learning engine of Avast has an extraordinary learning speed which allows its artificial intelligence engine to grow faster and smarter than other security companies. This unique capability of Avast makes it stand apart and keeps it at the top of the priority list of Internet users. Due to this amazing feature is always the first to find out, analyze and inspect any probable online security threat.

Being one of the most popular cyber security companies around the world, Avast Antivirus makes use of the most advanced technology of cyber threat security in order to keep all its clients safe from millions of cyber attacks which happen every month.

In case you require any help in using your Avast Antivirus software or you have any queries regarding any of its features, avail the free services of Avast Customer support. Whenever you need help, just dial the toll-free Avast phone number stated above.

Our Avast tech support team is always ready to assist every customer within all sorts of technical and product optimization issues. You may also ask for help in case of issues related to Avast Antivirus installation, registration, and activation.

Whenever you face any difficulty with your license or subscription and feel that contacting an expert is would be the best choice, just call the Avast tech support team and get rid of all your problems within minutes.

General Troubleshooting Tips :

PC Crash Issues

The most common issue that occurs in Avast Antivirus products is when you PC crashes or shows BSOD. Usually, it happens when you install any third party software on your computer which keeps running manually in the background of your system. To resolve this issue, you may need to follow certain basic troubleshooting steps as mentioned in the FAQs and get your PC to work back normally.

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Issue

Many of the Avast Security customers report of experiencing BSOD issue after they have installed the latest Windows 10 Anniversary update. The problem arises due to the incompatibility of one of the Avast drivers, the aswvmm.sys and Intel CPU from Skylake. However, Avast already identified and resolved this issue. So, an important point to keep in mind for Avast users is to update their Avast antivirus with the latest version before they install the latest version of Windows 10 Anniversary update.

You can update your Avast Internet Security program easily by going to “Settings”. In “Settings”, click on the “Update”, select Program and then click on “Update”. If you need the help of Avast professional then call on the Avast Phone Number and ask the live customer representative to update your software and virus definitions on your PC.

Program Components Stopped

This is one of the most common issues experienced by Avast Antivirus users. This problem occurs when one or more of the Avast programs display STOPPED and is unable to restart manually. This issue comes up due to limited or inconsistent permissions in the Windows registry which prevents the Avast Setup from updating, installing, overwriting or deleting any program files or registry entries. You may contact Avast Customer Support to resolve such issues.

Avast Secure DNS Issue

This is a type of compatibility issue of Avast with the Windows 10. Many of the Avast users have reported that the feature of Secure DNS which is available to all the paid Avast Antivirus product users, shows up “Secure DNS cannot run on this network” message even if it is in “green” or protected state. As of now, there is no solution to this issue but the company assures that there is nothing much to worry about your security as it does not affect the Avast detection.

Avast Mobile Security Issue

Some users face the issue of Avast Security program showing “Pro license does not work” or “License not found” on their screen every time they try restoring their subscription. When you are not able to find your valid Avast Mobile Security Pro-license, contact Avast customer service for help.  

FAQs :

How to register Avast Free Antivirus?

There is no need to register your Avast Free Antivirus since your free license activates automatically after installation. You may let the program renew your license automatically when your free license expires. You may also activate your 1-year license manually by following some simple steps:

  • Launch the Avast User Interface and go to “Menu”, select “My licenses”.
  • Click on “Upgrade now” button present next to the option of “Avast Free Antivirus” in the list given in “Licenses on this PC”.
  • Click on “Select” in the column of “Avast Free Antivirus”.
  • Click on “X” icon visible on the new screen which appears to return to “My licenses” screen.

What to do if Avast Antivirus doesn’t accept my purchased license?

If you come across any issue in activation of Avast Antivirus, use Avast webform to send your license again to the email address that was used for purchase. After that, try inserting the license again into the program.

What is an Avast Account?

Avast account is made to help you manage all the Avast services on your devices that are registered on your email address. Different features of Avast Account are:

  • Check and download the details of Avast products licenses.
  • You can control your mobile devices remotely with the Anti-Theft feature of Avast Mobile Security app.
  • Obtain basic information and protection status of the devices connected to you Avast account.
  • Portal to log in to Avast Forum.

How to create an Avast Account?

If you do not have any Avast Account, you can easily create it by visiting and clicking on “Register” to sign up. You may also create fresh login credentials by using your existing login information for your Google+ or Facebook accounts.

How can I remove a device from my Avast Account?

If you wish to remove any device from your Avast Account follow the steps below:

  • Login to your Avast Account.
  • Choose the device that you wish to remove and its details will appear.
  • Click on “Settings” given on the device details screen.
  • Click on “Delete from Account”.

Is my device not secured if it’s not connected with my Avast Account?

No, the security status of devices is not affected. You are allowed to manage your licenses, control your mobile devices remotely and view a summary of your devices with the help of your Avast Account. However, you will not be able to manage the Avast security features and settings.

Why my device does not appear in my Avast Account?

When you connect your device to Avast Account, it will appear on the list of connected devices. But, sometimes it takes several minutes for the device’s information and security status to appear on the page. The status of your devices is not updated immediately due to the bulk of data that we process. So, you need to be patient and check it again later.  

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