Are you facing CenturyLink issues too often? Find complete solutions to all sorts of CenturyLink issues with instant CenturyLink tech support. Further, with CenturyLink customer support, you can instantly get rid of all your issues; be it related to internet, business service, telephone or any other issue. So, no matter what kind of issues you are facing, just contact CenturyLink technical support service to troubleshoot all your problems. Since many CenturyLink customers find it difficult to connect to the official CenturyLink customer reps, they generally opt for a third-party customer service provider.

We offer comprehensive CenturyLink customer support for all kinds of issues. You can get rid of all your tech hassles with our experts’ assistance. Further, we hold a large team of experienced and skilled tech experts. Therefore, we can serve many customers at a time. Moreover, if you are looking for CenturyLink support number, then with us, you can easily make a call to any of our toll-free customer service numbers.

Common CenturyLink Issues:

  • CenturyLink internet not working.
  • Modem not connecting to the internet.
  • DSL red light issues.
  • Bill pay problems.
  • Router issues.
  • CenturyLink prism TV says no signal.
  • Cable box issues.
  • TV freezing issues.
  • WAN configuration issues.
  • Email issues and more.

If you are encountering any of the above issues, then don’t worry! Just call our tech experts to resolve all your issues in no time. Additionally, you can get comprehensive support for all CenturyLink issues.  Thus, to find instant solutions to all internet problems, you can approach our CenturyLink internet support tech experts.

Apart from this, you can also find complete solutions to varied business service issues with instant CenturyLink business support service. We provide 24/7 support service for different issues through our toll-free helpline number.

CenturyLink tech support service is always available to help customers troubleshoot their issues in a very easy and quick manner.

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Some FAQs Related to Troubleshooting

How to resolve no internet connection problem?

In case your internet connection isn’t working, then try the following steps to resolve this issue.

  • Restart (reboot)
  • First, unplug your modem’s power cord and wait for at least 20 seconds.
  • Now, re-plug in the cord.
  • Wait for 2 minutes as the modem restarts. After this, check the modem lights.
  • Usually, if everything is working correctly, then you’ll see the following modem lights:
  • DSL light: (solid) green
  • Power light: (solid) green
  • Wireless light: (flashing) green – in case of wireless capabilities.
  • Internet (INT) light: (flashing) green
  • Ethernet light: (flashing) green – in case of internet connection via an Ethernet cable.

If you don’t find the right color lights, then go to modem lights aren’t the right color.

  • Reboot (restart) your PC or device.
  • Firstly, power off and then, restart your computer connected to the modem.
  • Before you try to connect to the internet, wait at least for 2 minutes as the device or computer needs some time to reconnect to the internet.
  • If the problems isn’t fixed, try Service Troubleshooterfor testing your service.

Find complete assistance and necessary support to resolve all internet issues with CenturyLink tech support by dialing the toll-free helpline number.

How to use 3way calling?

By going through the following steps, you can use the 3-way calling feature.

# When you pay on the basis of use of the service: 

  • First, call a person.
  • While on the call, press the Flash or receiver key strongly for a second, and then release it. Now, the first person will be on hold. Then, you’ll hear three brief tones and further a dial tone.
  • Once you hear the dial tone, simply press *71 (or dial 1171 if you have a rotary phone) and hear another dial tone. Now, call another person.
  • Next, press the Flash or receiver button strongly again for 1 second.
  • This way the first individual will return to the line and all will be connected on line via the 3-way connection. So, you can now start your mini-conference call.

# When you have a monthly subscription:

  • First, call a person.
  • While on the call, press the Flash or receiver button strongly for a second, and then release it. Now, the first person will be on hold. Next, you’ll listen 3 brief tones and followed by a dial tone.
  • Up on hearing the dial tone, dial the phone number of another person with whom you wish to talk to.
  • Once you are ready, press the Flash or receiver button strongly again for 1 second.
  • The first person will return on the line and everyone will be connected through the 3-way connection.

If you are not able get rid of all these issues, then just dial the toll-free helpline number 1-833-201-7903. You can find complete solutions to all the problems without any hassle with instant CenturyLink tech support.

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