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Comcast is a big brand which provide a range of service such as Internet, telephone, wireless, cable television and holds the third largest market share in America. When you have this big user-base, it gets quite tough to provide 100% service all the time and technical glitches are quite common.

It has been seen that most of the problems a user faces is caused due to a manual fault rather than a technical fault. Anyhow, these service outage can provide a big time negative impact on user experience. Here are some common issues and their troubleshoot option which you can apply to resolve your issues:

Comcast General Issues

  • Cloud DVR not working
  • Not able to view On Demand program
  • Corrupted downloaded program
  • Get extra amount bill
  • Unable to sign into your Xfinity account
  • Need to change plan

Comcast Internet Issues:

  • Improper connectivity
  • Hardware problems in modem
  • Unable to configure Wi-Fi
  • Router lights not blinking
  • Issues caused by outages and more

Troubleshooting Comcast Internet Issues

  • Check that you have made the previous payments on time and the internet is not down due to non payment of bills. You can check your payment history here.
  • Place your modem device at an open area which can easily access the satellite signals.
  • Make sure that internet is really down by using it on other devices and separate websites.
  • Check for any lose wiring or damaged cables. Disconnect your coaxial cable and connect it securely with your device.
  • Check for any local internet outage on Xfinity internet outage page.
  • Try power cycling your device by unplugging it from the main power outlet. Plug it again after 30 seconds.

How Can You Improve Your Comcast Internet

  • Always use high grade Ethernet cable for your internet devices.
  • Reboot your device from time to time.
  • Don’t place your modem or router at a UN-accessible corner in your house to avoid any interference. Place it at a place where you can get maximum strength in signals.
  • Keep your device up to date with daily updates.
  • Never place your router on the floor as it does not allow the device to get complete signals.
  • Check for any available upgrades for your device and avoid using outdated products.

Comcast TV Issues:

  • Billing and payments issues
  • Queries and issues related to App
  • Seeing a error message
  • Cable box working strangely
  • Channel and programming issues
  • Missing channels
  • Channel line-up not showing
  • Signal not coming to cable box
  • DVR storage problems
  • Installation and configuration problems
  • Picture quality issues and more

Troubleshooting Comcast TV

  • To start the troubleshoot process, first, you have to download the Xfinity My Account app.
  •  After installing the app, enter your Xfinity username and password to make a sign in.
  • Go to the troubleshoot option in setting and select the problem from a preset list.
  • After selection, your app will start the troubleshoot process by sweeping the account and device for any error.
  • After finding an issue, it will ask for a correction measure. You can do the following with the correction measure;-
  1. Modem reset
  2. restore device setting to default
  3. Fix entitlement issues
  • After taking the correction measure, the app will ask if the issue is resolved or not.

If you are still facing the same issue, contact Comcast help.

Comcast Phone Issues:

  • No dial tone
  • Voicemail related issues
  • Problems while making or receiving calls
  • Issues with language settings
  • Hardware issues in the device
  • Unable to make incoming or outgoing call
  • Cell service down
  • Unable to locate signals

Troubleshooting Comcast Phone

  • Download and sign into Xfinity My Account app.
  • Find the Voice option on the bottom side of your screen and tap on it.
  • Select ‘Common Problems And Solutions’.

You will receive three preset options which are:

  1. Understanding Account Numbers/Username and PINs
  2. How To Set-up Your Comcast Voicemail
  3. How To Change the Number of Rings Before Going To Voicemail
  • Now select the issue you are facing.
  • When you select your issue, the app will start an automatic diagnose process and check for any errors in your service.
  • This process is helpful in resolving entitlement and modem issues. After the scan is completed, check if the issues has been fixed or not.
  • If the issues has not been fixed, contact Comcast and request troubleshoot assistance.

Comcast Home Security Issues

  • Unable to use touchscreen controller
  • Frozen touchscreen
  • Comcast camera is not working
  • Camera unable to record 24/7
  • Door/Window sensor not working
  • Comcast home security not working
  • Motion and water detector not working
  • Thermostat device not working
  • Camera unable to connect with WiFi
  • Camera won’t pair
  • Comcast camera not responding as per My Rules
  • Comcast camera not responding as per My scenes

Troubleshooting Comcast Home Camera

  • Check that your camera is properly plugged and turned ON.
  • Make sure the light in front of the camera is ON.
  • Verify that the camera is connected with LAN port.
  • Sign in to your Comcast app and scroll down.
  • Go to All Cameras and click on your camera. If you can access your Live video, your camera is working.

Comcast Stream app issues

  • Comcast Stream not working
  • Comcast Stream Roku issues
  • Comcast Stream not working on iPad
  • Cant use cloud DVR
  • Channel line up not showing
  • Missing some channels
  • Unable to use On Demand content
  • Getting ‘Playback Issue 403’ error code
  • Forgot Comcast username and password
  • Corrupted downloaded content
  • Getting ‘Not At Home’ error

Troubleshooting Comcast Stream app

  • Make sure that you are using the latest version of Stream app. When you use a older version, some of the features stop working on it.
  • Delete all your cache files time to time to make it work smoothly. A large size cache may reduce your app’s working performance.
  • Many of the features do not work without internet. So always use it with a steady internet connection.
  • If you are having ‘Not At Home’ error, connect your WiFi with in-home Comcast network and no other network. Power cycle your device and see if it performs correctly.
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