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While using Netflix services like movies, hit sitcoms and movies, you may sometime face netflix problems technical issues that can spoil your fun. In fact, it becomes more annoying when you are in the middle of your favorite part of the movie or some twisted plot is about to get revealed. Still and all, there […]

While using Netflix services like movies, hit sitcoms and movies, you may sometime face netflix problems technical issues that can spoil your fun. In fact, it becomes more annoying when you are in the middle of your favorite part of the movie or some twisted plot is about to get revealed.

Still and all, there are ways with which you can sort out your problems all by yourself. You would only need to follow some simple steps.

netflix problems


Keep reading to know some simple ways to troubleshoot problems related to Netflix.


1. Netflix Connection Issues

Users commonly face this type of problem due to improper connection of network or some other issues. While using Netflix, if you come across such connection problem, you would need to check your connection first. On your system, just open some other websites to check whether they are running perfectly or not. In case they are, follow the below given steps to troubleshoot the problem.

• At first, restart your device.
• If you are using a mobile phone, you need to change your connection; either connect it with Wi-Fi or cellular network.
• If you are done with the above two options and still facing the trouble, restart your Netflix.
• In nothing works, uninstall your app and try to re-install the same. Further, check whether the connection is working properly or not.

2. Netflix Streaming Problems

This is a common issue if you use Netflix services. This problem can be characterized by bad quality of videos or a video is taking too much time to buffer. This is indicative of a streaming problem due to bad connection. If you are facing such problem, you have to do only one thing, i.e., speed test. This will ensure whether you are getting SD or HD quality speed or not.

• First of all, restart your device.
• Then, restart your router by unplugging it. Thereafter, wait for 60 seconds and plug it again.
• Lastly, restart your modem. Just unplug your modem and wait for a few seconds and plug it back. Users can also consider checking for the location of their Wi-Fi routers.

3. Netflix Errors 1011 and 1012

While using Netflix services, Android and iOS usually face this issue. Specifically, error 1011 and 1012 occur on mobile phones based on iOS or Android. If you are facing such kind of problem, simply follow the solution, described below, to troubleshoot it.

To solve this problem, the best option is to reset your Netflix app. For this, you would need to follow different steps on your Android and iOS. These are as follows:

Restart Netflix on your Android phone

• If you are using an Android phone, you need to go to the settings option.
• Here, from the Apps option, select Netflix.
• Now, click on the option of clear cache to clear your data.
• After performing all the above steps, click on the “OK” button to complete the process.
• Use your Netflix app now.
Restart Netflix on your iOS
• Double tap on your Home button to get the list of recently used app.
• Now, either swipe right or left to find out Netflix and then, swipe up to close it.
• Now, go back to your home screen to open Netflix.

If the problem still persists, restart your device.

Sometimes, a user may additionally require resetting other devices as well, such as Smart TV, PS4 gaming and Xbox consoles to solve the problem that he/she faces while using Netflix services.
Reset your Netflix

• On your device, you would need to open the Netflix app.
• Then, using your remote, type the code ‘Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up.’
• When you are done with the above step, you will see an option on your screen to deactivate Netflix. Choose that and simply sign in again.

4. Netflix Error 1016
You may face this issue while using Netflix if you are an iOS, iPhone or iPad user. To solve this problem, follow the solution described below.

• First of all, you have to reset the connection. Swipe the home screen of your device and click the airplane mode icon. Wait for 30 seconds and afterwards, turn it off. Now, check whether the Netflix app is working properly or not.
• If you still face the problem, restart your device. For this, on your device, press and hold the sleep or wake button until the red slider comes on your screen. Then, drag the slider until the device gets switched off. Once again press and hold the sleep and wake button to turn on your device.

5. Netflix Error 12001

If you are using an Android device, you might face this problem while using Netflix services.
The reason behind this error is outdated data. Therefore, you would need to clear the data on your device.

• At first, you need to open your setting app.
• Then, get to the application manager or app option.
• Here, you can see your Netflix app; click on it.
• Now, simply click on the option of clear cache.
• After this, press the OK option to complete the process.

6. Suspicious Sign-In Issue in Your Netflix

In this issue, you start receiving emails, for instance, someone has tried to sign into your Netflix account. To avoid such situation and to keep your account safe from any unauthorized access, you would need to change your password immediately.

Consider one thing, do not try to change your password through the link you receive, in fact, change it by visiting Netflix website. To change your password, simply follow these given steps.

• Visit the official Netflix website “” and login.
• Click on ‘My account’, and select the ‘change password’ option.
• In here, enter your old password first, followed by the new one.
• In case, you’ve forgotten your password, click on the option of “forgot password”. You will find varied options to reset your password in a successful way.

7. Netflix Issue in Apple TV

If you have an Apple TV and face problems while using Netflix, then follow the below described solution to solve them by yourself.

• Begin by restarting the Apple TV.
• Next, you would need to restart the router.
• If the problem still continues, sign out from the application. In case it displays an error on the screen, click on the Play button on your remote and select to sign out.
• If you face any issue at the time of watching videos, click on the menu option. And sign out when the message “who is watching Netflix” appears on your screen. After a few seconds, sign in back to check if the problem is solved or not.
• Even after trying all the methods, you are still facing issues with your Netflix then you can try updating your Apple TV.

8. Too Many Users on Netflix

Usually, users face this issue when they share their password with too many people or when there is a bad connection. In such situations, users will get a message “Your Netflix account is in use in another device. Log out from there, first”.

If such a case, first wait for more than two hours, as it may take some time to get back to the normal. Meanwhile, you can check who is using your account of Netflix and stop sharing your connection.

To change your Netflix account password, you would need to visit the official website of Netflix. Visit “My account” section and sign out from all the other devices.

9. Netflix Problems in PS4

If you are a user of the PS4 gaming console, then you might have faced a technical issue at some point of time. Nevertheless, you can easily solve this trouble by reinstalling the app.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to re-install the app:

• First of all, on your PS4, go to the TV and video option.
• Now, from your controller, select the option button and choose “Delete”, followed by “OK” option.
• After deleting it, you would be able to see the Netflix app on your screen again. Now, select it and automatically the app will get re-downloaded.
• After following all the above steps, sign in back to re-start streaming media on your PS4.
These were some common Netflix issues that can arise on various devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, PC and gaming consoles. If you are getting any type of problem while streaming on Netflix, it is always recommended to initially check your internet connection, and then try other fixing methods to solve the problems.

Customer Support Service

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