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Garmin Map Latest Update

Over the past few years, it has become easier to update Garmin maps as the company has enhanced the processes to update maps and the access points. However, Garmin map update procedure has become a little complex due to the use of several devices for additional activities. Also, the accessibility of Garmin update is through online services.

There is an additional change in Garmin update, most of the map updates are free from charges for the lifetime. Garmin and other GPS designers have transformed a range of products, in a significant way, which include sports and golf GPS. Yet there are many Garmin map options which require purchasing the units, for instance, international street maps. For this, you have to make payments.


Manual for Garmin Map Update


Before going on a trip, you would require updating the Garmin maps so that you won’t get lost and follow the correct path. Read on further for Garmin update:

Step 1:

If necessary, you have to purchase the map updates: From the Garmin website, you can do the purchasing of the Garmin map update. There are two options, either you can make a lifetime purchase or you can do a one-time upgrade. If you consider, a lifetime purchase then you can access to all the new updates on your device for the whole life. On the other hands, with the one-time Garmin update, you will get the latest and the current maps but for a specific time period. In addition, for future up gradation, you would require purchasing it again. In Garmin update:

  • You get the liberty to update the preloaded maps only, on your device. That means if you have South America map preloaded on your device then you cannot upgrade it to Europe map.
  • Keep in mind to sign in with your MyGarmin account before making any purchases for Garmin map update.
  • In case you want to utilize free maps then you can go for Community-made maps from the OpenStreetMap option.


Step 2:

Connect the Garmin Nuvi with your computer system using the USB cable. The only way of Garmin update is by connecting it to the computers. For this, you can use Mini USB cables as well.

  • You have to wait for the Garmin boot up, as per the indication of the progress bar.

Step 3:

Open My Garmin website now and login into your Garmin account. Before signing in ensure that you are using the same account on which you have purchased the Garmin map update.

Step 4:

On the MyGarmin dashboard, you would require clicking the “MyMaps” options to load the list of all the map upgrades that you have purchased.

Step 5:

Go to the “recent Map Purchases” section and click on the drop-down menu. In here, from the displayed list of devices, you have to choose your Garmin Nuvi.

Step 6:

When you will get a prompt, install the Garmin Communicator Plugin. This is mandatory, as it will transfer the map files from Garmin websites directly to your Garmin Software on your computer system.

Note: the plugin does not support Google Chrome. Therefore, make sure to use either Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.

Step 7:

Next, you would require downloading Garmin Express, followed by its installation. It is a program which enables the computer to interact with the Garmin Nuvi.

  • In case, you didn’t get any prompt then you can download it manually.

Step 8:

In Garmin Express, you have to register your device. A prompt will redirect you to the registration page for Garmin map update.

Step 9:

Click on the “updates” tab now in Garmin Express. This will display you all the available updates including the purchased Garmin update maps.

Step 10:

Next, for Map update, there is a “Show Details” option. In this, click the “Install” icon. Before updating the installs, you would need to accept the agreement.

Step 11:

Wait while the maps are downloading and installing. After accepting the terms, automatically the Garmin map update will begin to download and will get transferred to you Nuvi. It will take a couple of minutes.

Step 12:

Upon completion, close the Garmin Express and unplug it from your Nuvi. Now, the Nuvi will reboot and installation of the updated software will begin on your device. This may take a little while.

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