Find Here Garmin GPS Map Update Manual and the Quickest Way to Contact Garmin Support

Despite numerous upgrades, the procedure of Garmin Map Update is a little tedious. Hence, people find it difficult to follow and contact Garmin Customer Service for assistance. From here, they get step-by-step guidance to update Garmin GPS maps as well as access points. However, while updating the maps, many users encounter technical issues that in a way restrict them from moving ahead in the updating procedure.

We are an excellent third-party Support provider and offer a helping hand to those users, who face issues with Garmin Map Update. In fact, a user can reach out to us with a single call only by dialing our toll-free Garmin Customer Support Phone Number. Moreover, we are available for our esteemed customer round the clock because we value their precious time and believe in providing support on time.

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Find below, the manual to update Garmin maps:

There are two options to purchase Garmin maps, either make a lifetime purchase or go for a one-time upgrade. With lifetime purchase, you get the access to all the latest updates for the lifetime. On the other hand, the one-time upgrade will provide you with current maps for a specific duration only.

Step 1:

With the help of a USB cable, connect your Garmin device with your computer. For this, you can make use of Mini USB cables as well.

Step 2:

Visit the official website of Garmin and log in to the same account with which you have made earlier purchases of Garmin maps.

Step 3:

On your MyGarmin dashboard, click the “MyMaps” options, which will load the list of all purchased maps.

Step 4:

Move on to the “recent Map Purchases” option and select the drop-down menu to open the list of devices. Here, select your specific Garmin device.

Step 5:

This will display a prompt, from where you can install the Garmin Communicator Plugin. The main objective of this step is to transfer all the maps files directly from Garmin website to Garmin software on your desktop.

Step 6:

Now, download the Garmin Express software, which enables the interaction of Garmin device with the desktop, and install it.

Step 7:

A prompt will take you to the registration page, where you would need to register your Garmin device.

Step 8:

In Garmin Express program, click the “updates” tab and you will get all the available updates along with the purchased ones.

Step 9:

Accept the terms and agreement by clicking on the “Install” icon. Thereafter, the downloading of Garmin map will begin and at the same time, all of them will get transferred to your device. This process will only take a couple of minutes.

Step 10:

Close the Garmin Express when it gets completed and unplug the device as well. Now, your device will reboot and start the installation of the updated software.

Some of the common Garmin Map Update issues are mentioned below:

  • Garmin Map Update keeps on failing.
  • The Garmin Express software is frozen.
  • The Garmin Express is not working on Windows 10 or Mac.
  • Garmin Map Update is slow.
  • There is an error while installing the updates.
  • Problem in downloading Garmin Maps to microSD card.
  • Garmin Map stuck while preparing the maps.
  • The Garmin Express software stuck while downloading the files.
  • Issues with a free map update.
  • Connection problem with PC.
  • Compatibility issues with Operating System.

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How to take Garmin Customer Service?

If you want to get rid of any of the above-mentioned issues as quickly as possible, contact Garmin Customer Service Number. You can dial our toll-free Helpdesk Number to get dedicated support from experienced professionals immediately. In addition, you would get on-time resolutions along with step-wise guidance to troubleshoot some minor issues on your own.

Our skilled technicians, who have rich experience, solve all sort of difficulties regarding Garmin Map Update instantly. Moreover, they are present day and night to help you out in such situations. Also, whenever required, they offer remote access solutions.

Some FAQ

How to change countries on Garmin device?

Whenever you are traveling to another country or you plan to move to a different city, Garmin enables you to change your home country, so that you can access new maps on your GPS device.

Follow the given below step-wise instructions:

Step 1:

Turn your Garmin GPS device on by pressing the power button.

Step 2:

Select the “Where To” option by taping on the main screen.

Step 3:

Choose the “Address” option and enter your destination, where you want to go.

Step 4:

Enter your choice of country when it asks you to select a country. Afterwards, you would need to enter the state or province and other details of your new home country.

Step 5:

If you want to travel to some place within your home country, enter the street number, street name and city for that specific location.

Step 6:

Lastly, tap the “Done” option and you would get the direction to the new location that you have entered.

How to delete or edit a Favorite on Garmin device?

If you have saved the point of interest or addresses on your Garmin GPS device, you may edit or delete them whenever you want to.

To delete the favorite:

  1. Tap on “Where To?”
  2. Select “Favorites” options.
  3. Choose the one that you wish to delete or edit.
  4. Tap the word bubble displaying the list of your favorite along with “Press for More.”
  5. At last, select “Delete” icon followed by “Yes.”

To edit the favorite:

  1. From the above procedure, follow steps from 1- 4.
  2. Tap on “Edit” icon.
  3. Select the information that you want to change.
  4. Here, change the name, symbol, map, category and phone number.

In case, you want to delete multiple favorites:

  1. Tap on “Tools.”
  2. Select “My Data” and press the down arrow.
  3. Choose “Delete Favorite(s)” options.
  4. Check all the boxes adjacent to the favorites that you want to delete.
  5. At last, select “Delete” option, followed by “Yes”.

What to do when you get “Route Memory Full” message?

For Windows users:

  • Connect your device to the computer.
  • Click on the “Start” icon.
  • Click on “My Computer” or “File Explorer.”
  • If you have Windows 8 or 10, press Windows key + E.
  • Click “This PC” option (Windows 10 only).
  • Double click on “Garmin Nuvi Device” or “Garmin.”
  • Open the “GPX” folder. In some device, you would need to open an Internal Storage or Garmin folder at first.
  • Open the “Archive” folder.
  • Delete all the contents here.

For Mac users:

  • Connect your Garmin Device to Mac.
  • Open Garmin drive.
  • Open “GPX” folder. In some device, you would need to open “Garmin folder” first.
  • Open the “Archive” folder.
  • Delete all the content from this folder.
  • Empty the trash content as well.
  • Finally, archive files would get deleted.
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