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With the advancement of the technology, new-level fitness trackers are being designed and manufactured, leading to improve the health of the people and let them track their daily workout. As a top distributor and manufacturer of a GPS and other tracking devices, Garmin introduced the Vivofit 3, which provides more features to track activity. It […]

With the advancement of the technology, new-level fitness trackers are being designed and manufactured, leading to improve the health of the people and let them track their daily workout.

As a top distributor and manufacturer of a GPS and other tracking devices, Garmin introduced the Vivofit 3, which provides more features to track activity. It is more effective than Fitbit charge and Misfit Shine 2. This new device is available only at the price of $99 for the customers. Let’s know about this new and amazing device and track our daily steps to stay healthy and fit.

Know about Garmin Vivofit 3


The Garmin Vivofit 3 includes a module for the GPS device along with a strap at one end with a clasp. It appears like a tracker used for fitness, not a smartwatch, unlike the Shine 2. It has a small display designed to show 1 metric at a time, with the separate screen for date and time. Its screen is visible in daylight, which was not possible in the shine 2.

Vivofit 3 has a variety of bands options to choose from, such as camouflage, white and black. Black fits best for the extra-large size, and camouflage and white are best recommended for regular size.

If you wish to place your Garmin Vivofit 3 device in a waistband or custom band, its module pops out of the band. Module and band, both are water-resistant to the limit of 165 feet, so you don’t have to remove the device while swimming or in the shower.

The weight of both band module of Vivofit 3 device is 0.92 ounces, which does not make it lighter than the Vivosmart HR of Garmin cost $149 and weighs a little bit more than the Vivofit 3.

Both new Vivofit 3 and Vivosmart HR are 0.47 inches thick. This much thickness is not good for an activity tracker device even without a system to monitor the heart-rate, it can stick in your sleeves while taking your coat off. In comparison to this new device, the shine 2 is much lighter, less thick and user-friendly.

You might feel it uncomfortable while fastening the clasp, you’ll feel the additional part of the clasp on your wrist. The back side of the clasp pushes towards your wrist and it’ll make a mark on the wrist when you wear the device for the first time. If you try to loosen up the clasp, it’ll only move slightly up and down with every movement of the wrist.


It has a long-lasting coin cell battery. So, it allows you to remove it from the box and use it without charging your device.

You’ll require to set it up using a Garmin connect account. In order to do this – Enter your mail address, normal level of activity, birth date, weight, and height. You can perform it on your iPhone or Android phone for an easier setup procedure.

After this, the Garmin connect applications will take you to the overall setup process. You need to press and hold the switch located on your device until it shows you the option “Pair”. Then, remove your finger from the switch and then after matching your 4 digit code with the device, it will be paired automatically with your phone, and you’re ready to go.

If you’re already using a connect account, simply set Vivofit 3 as the default device with the Garmin account before starting the device.

Use and display

Garmin Vivofit 3 comes with a single button and a user-friendly interface screen with 64 x 64-pixel. First, you need to press the switch and all seven screen will show on display that are the Weekly Active Minutes, Calories Burned, Distance Traveled, Steps to Goal, Steps Taken, Date and Time. It displays way more information than the Fitbit charge and the Misfit Shine 2.

With the exceptional feature of showing time, on its screen, you’ll find a small icon indicating the feet of steps taken, and a flame icon showing calories burned. Press and hold the switch to find the options like syncing your device via Bluetooth, pair using Wi-Fi.

Activity training

If you’re using the device first time, Vivofit 3 sets the target for your daily steps at 10,000, but you can change it using your Garmin connect. This device has the ability to change or adjust according to your steps taken. If you regularly achieve the same target, it will set your goal more than the usual steps.

It will also let you know about the remaining steps to achieve your daily steps target, this is one of its unique features. Once you finish your daily step target, the device will tell you with a beep and screen will display “Goal” with the icon of feet. If you achieve the goal after consecutive days, the screen will display an animated page turning calendar.

Just like other devices of Garmin, the Vivofit contains a moving bar. If you do not work or move for about one hour, the red bar will fill the half along with a low beep. The moving bar will fill with every extra 15 minutes when you’re not moving and it will beep and blink again at every two-hour mark. Once you start moving, the Move bar will get cleared out.

Finally, your Vivofit 3 device tracks your walking period in the night along with the overall sleep. This data will be counted and shown as “Sleep” to the user. It does not have the system to monitor the heart-rate, but you see the data by syncing it with the ANT+ devices.


Step counter feature of the Vivofit 3 is close to accurate, as it might count your 500 steps nearly to the 503. However, all the other trackers are also accurate in counting the steps. It is implemented with a technology called Move IQ, which can detect different types of physical and other activities like biking, running, walking and so on, and also, tells about how much you’re active with the individual activity.

The detection results of the device are really helpful as it automatically records and tells about the activity without starting a timer. This would become more effective if the mileage-tracking and active-minute features of the device are perfectly accurate.

Active minute timer present on the Vivofit 3 does not have a feature to pause the activity. It can only be started or stop. Your new Garmin Vivofit 3 is a fitness tracker which works same as the Fitbit charge without a pause button.


Garmin connect application is one of the best trackers used for recording the aspects for the fitness purpose. But you’ll need time to get habitual of this complicated app. On your phone, this application offers a quick glance at the steps taken, active-minutes, sleeping hours, and calories burned. You can easily swipe to right and view detailed data about the steps, specific tasks, sleep and other activities.

Using this application, you can track and record your diet. In your browser, you can find all the information at the same time. If you do not want to see the options, simply go to settings and clear the modules.

Bottom line

Vivofit 3 had a respected place among the new level fitness trackers. It records and tracks the detailed information than the device Misfit shine 2, and you can simply view information on this just like other devices. But the information tracked by this is not always that accurate and it is not fully designed for the user’s comfort.