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Air Canada : Customer Support

In the airline industry if there is any airlines that has touched or matched the sky of expectations, then it is Air Canada. The quality service is the reason why its presence is felt in all the continents. The target share of fliers that it covers is almost to 38 million each year.

Customer Support & Reservations : While dealing in such type of business segment, taking care of the clients a very transparent channel has to be formulated. It is for this that a toll free number is issued 1 – 888 – 247 – 2262. It is through this number that clients or fliers can not only make the reservations but also question about their respective queries which do pop up from time to time.

Status of the flight : Most of the time it is seen that the fliers are lot curious about the arrival and departure of the concerned flights. This is why Air India has issued a special toll free number that will be of lot assistance to the general public. 1 – 888 – 422 – 7533. The executives in a very correct manner tell the concerned person about the precise status of the flight.

Lost and Found status : Whenever a person travels from one place to the other, then there is a designated department for the luggage that is lost and found. The general public can collect the information about the same through dialing a toll free number. Which is : 1 – 800 – 667 – 4732.

Airport Authority : Toll number of airport authority 780 – 890 – 8382 turns out to be very convenient because the public is now able to keep themselves aware of the slightest changes taking place. It can be related to the flights or other safety features. On top this an emergency takes place then this is the ideal number to dial and clear all the cobwebs.

Customer Care Toll Free Number
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Customer Care Toll Free Number,
Dorval, Canada,Dorval, Canada,Dorval, Canada-H4S,
Telephone No.888 – 247 – 2262