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Toll Free Number For Asus Customer Support

Asus is a multinational electronics, phone and computer hardware company based out of Taiwan. While Asus delivers world class products, customers still face issues while using these products. Be it device installation or software related, users require immediate assistance when they suddenly come across an issue.

Asus Customer Support handles such situations effortlessly by providing accurate solutions for all the problems related to Asus products. If you are facing issues with any Asus product, dial our Asus customer service toll free number and get best-in-class support.

Asus customer service offers reliable support for the following common issues:

  • Problems with system boot
  • Issues related to laptop adapter or battery
  • Faulty touch panel and keyboard
  • Camera not working properly
  • Storage device malfunction
  • Problem with operating system
  • Wireless or LAN/Wi-Fi not working
  • Problems related to monitor display
  • Audio related issues
  • Display problems on laptops and smartphones
  • Issues related to device drivers
  • Password recovery and software setup related problems
  • Asus router installation and configuration issues
  • Connectivity issues on Asus routers
  • Problems related to Internet speed
  • Unable to reset Asus router
  • Overheating issues on laptops and smartphones
  • Laptop keyboard issues
  • Removal of bugs, viruses and other malware
  • Problems related to Asus motherboards and more

These are the general issues that customers face with Asus devices but you can contact Asus customer support for any issue or query regarding Asus offerings. Asus customer support team works for 24 hours and 7 days in a week in order to provide instant and complete resolution for all the customers’ queries.

Customer Care Toll Free Number 1-866-405-0231
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