Con Edition Support Services 1-800 Toll Free Contact Numbers 1-833-201-7903

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Con Edition Customer Service Phone Number 1-833-201-7903

Consolidated Edition Inc. branded as conEdition, is an American company providing various energy products, including electric and gas utility. The company was founded in 1823 and headquartered in New York City, New York, United States.

ConEdition is well serving to its customers and offering a wide range of energy and related products through its subsidiary companies. Moreover, the company provides electric, gas and steam utility services.

The company has a number of subsidiary companies which include Orange and Rockland Utilities Inc., Consolidated Edition Company of New York Inc., Con Edition Energy, Con Edition Development to name a few.

Customer support phone number for ConEdition

If you are looking for the customer support toll free 1-800 phone numbers, then here are the numbers you can find to connect to the customer service of ConEdition utility company. Further, if you want to ask questions regarding services and products of the company then ask the questions on the customer service and find your solutions instantly on phone.

  • For general customer service and queries call on 24/7 toll free number: 1-800-752-6633
  • For Gas emergency call on 1-800-752-6633
    Dial the customer service phone number immediately in case of a gas emergency for instant help and support.
  • Telecommunications for the hearing-impaired people (TTY) call on 1-800-642-2308
  • Electric emergency call on 1-800-752-6633
    Dial the customer care number instantly in case of electric emergency for speed help.
  • In case of Steam emergency dial 1-800-914-9112
    Immediately dial the customer care phone number in case of steam emergency.
  • Contact 1-800-75-CONED¬†before you dig call on 1-800-752-6633
    Call on the phone number before you dig as there could be the electric or gas line where you try to dig. Thus, before you start digging on place call us the phone number to get notified regarding the place you are trying to dig.
Customer Care Toll Free Number
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Customer Care Toll Free Number,
United States,United States,United States-20001,
Telephone No.800-752-6633