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Dish Network Customer Service Phone Number

Get rid of DISH Network issues quickly with DISH Network customer support

DISH Network is America’s prominent direct-satellite service provider. For its huge customer base, the company offers audio programming, satellite and interactive television services with residential and commercial plans in the United States. Moreover, it offers various services at pocket-friendly rates. In addition, customers can also get instant DISH Network customer service for quick help in tech hassles.

So, contact DISH Network customer support service to get help about channel guides, pay bill issues, packages guide, TV codes, remote control issues, demand services, prices and technical support. Just dial the toll-free helpline for quick assistance.

Call on DISH Network Technical Support number to fix all DISH Network issues including:

  • How to troubleshoot TV code issues?
  • Not able to troubleshoot TV remote issues.
  • Problems in paying bills by phone.
  • Channel guide problems.
  • Network no signal issue.
  • DVR and channel issues.
  • DVR upgrade and software update problems.
  • How to resolve DISH Network login issues?
  • DISH Network internet problems.
  • DISH Network bill pay issues.
  • Business TV, internet, account login and other problems.

In a nutshell, if you come across any of the above issues or other tech hassles, then simply dial the DISH Network tech support phone number. And troubleshoot all your problems without any delay. DISH Network customer service help is available 24/7, so one can contact tech experts anytime, round the clock.

DISH Network FAQs and Troubleshooting:

How to resolve frozen screen issue?

This issue occurs when TV freezes on a single screen. Typically, this kind of issue occurs due to an error in DISH network and a couple of other factors. Moreover, the following steps are for Hopper receivers. For any other receiver, use this guide.

  • Firstly, press and release the SAT key on your DISH remote.
  • Is the Program Guide visible? To check it, first press the Guide key on your DISH remote.

In case you find that the Program Guide is visible, then check the Steps to troubleshoot Black Screen issues when you can see Guide.

  • Are the buttons on the front panel of Hopper working and you can change the channel? To check this, press the Channel Up/Down, found on the front panel of your Hopper. Now, if the channel changes, then try to troubleshoot your DISH remote.

If the channel doesn’t change, then continue with the following steps:

  • Reset the Hopper. To reset your receiver, first unplug its power cord from the electrical outlet for 10 sec. Typically, the power cord is available with a red tag. After this, plug it back in to the outlet.

Note: It may take 5 minutes to complete the reset process.

  • If you are still facing issues, then contact DISH Network support for assistance. Just dial the toll-free number to contact technical experts to resolve all your issues. Further, you can find complete help at DISH Network customer service.

How to resolve DISH Network Distorted, Low or No Sound/Audio issues?

  • Check your TV volume; whether its low or muted. To check the TV volume, you can press the mute key and volume up buttons on your remote.
  • If the problems still persist, then reset your Hopper. For this, unplug the Hopper’s power cord from the electrical outlet (the power cord typically has a red tag) and wait for 10 seconds. After that, plug in the cord back in to the outlet. It may take up to 5 minutes to complete the reset process.
  • Try checking the TV to Hopper connection. For this, you need to identify what kind of cable has been connected your TV to your Hopper. So, ensure that all the cables are safely connected on the back of your Hopper and the TV. Also, ensure that any other equipment, if connected between the Hopper and TV, are also secure.
  • If you still can’t resolve the issue, then call the DISH Network customer service phone number to get instant help.


How to resolve slow dishNET Satellite internet service?  

Check data usage

Before anything, you should first check for your data usage to ensure that you haven’t exhausted your monthly internet data allowance. If the data has been exhausted, then purchase additional data or just contact support service for get assistance to upgrade to higher data plans.

Facing severe weather conditions?

Although, DISH signal is quite reliable, on rare occasions, due to severe weather conditions, your service may be temporarily down. In such situations, wait for the weather condition to clear off.

Test your internet speed

You can check your internet speed at Just visit the site and wait until the speed test completes. Further, once your network speed is ascertained, note it, and continue with the below steps to troubleshoot the problem.

Restart your modem

First, unplug your modem for 10 seconds from the power outlet and plug in the cord back in to the outlet after that. Now, wait until the Receive light becomes steady and then, proceed to further steps. In case the light doesn’t come on then, resolve the power issue here. Moreover, the reset process may take up to 5 minutes.

Restart your router

In case you are using a router, you can restart it by unplugging its power cord for 10 seconds from the electrical outlet. After 10 seconds, plug the cord back in to the outlet.

Restart the device or PC

Try restarting your PC or device, i.e., a tablet or phone. Further, wait until the restart process finishes, which may take up to 5 minutes.

Remove temporary files from your internet browser

Follow the below method to delete temporary files from your web browser:

For Windows PC: Press the combination of Ctrl + Shift + Delete keys from the keyboard. Next, choose Clear or Empty.
For Mac: Press the Command + Shift + Delete keys on the keyboard and then, choose Clear or Empty.

In case you are not able to remove temporary files then try this detailed guide to delete the temporary internet files.

Try any other web browser

Try to load a webpage in a different internet browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. In case the page opens quickly in another web browser, then continue using that browser. This is because the problem might be arising because of browser compatibility issues. Nevertheless, if you are still facing the issue, then go to the next step.

Contact DISH Network customer service

If nothing seems to be working, then just dial the toll-free number and contact DISH Network tech support service to troubleshoot all issues.

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