FedEx Customer Care Support Srevice Toll Free Phone Number 1-833-201-7903

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FedEx Toll Free Support and contact service 1-800 Phone Numbers:


Have you been looking for FedEx Toll Free Support and contact service 1-800 Phone Numbers, then your wait ends here? Because we have mentioned all the FedEx Toll Free Support and contact service 1-800 Phone Numbers for our readers here. You just scroll down and note down these numbers in your diary or notebook. These numbers can be very helpful if you want to avail the services of FedEx in the future. But first of all, let us have an introduction of FedEx.

What is FedEx- a brief introduction?

FedEx (Federal Express) is a Multinational American Courier Services Company. The headquarters of the company are in Memphis, Tennessee. The company came into existence in 1973. Till 2000, the company was popular by the name Federal Express. And After 2000, it is being addressed by the name FedEx.
The Company is famous for providing overnight shipping service and also for introducing a system to track packages and provide up-to date updates about the package location. This would help people availing its courier service in finding their lost packages.
This Tracking feature is nowadays being employed by all the small and gig courier services around the world.

FedEx Toll Free Support Numbers

  • 1-800-463-3339: customer Service for US
  • You can give call to this Number and schedule your Pick- up time.
    Or for ordering supplies
  • 1-800-247-4747: International Customer Service (US)
  • 1-800-238-4461: TDD
  • 1-800-464-0709: Relay Desk Hearing impaired.
  • 1-800-622-1147: Billing Inquires U.S.
  • 1-800-463-3339: Cargo Claim inquiries
  • 1-800-332-0807: U.S. FedEx Express Freight Services
  • 1-866-393-4585: Freight US Customer Support
  • 1-866-393-4685: Freight International Support
  • 1-800-435-7949: Freight Technical Support
  • 1-866-274-6117: Surface Expedite
  • 1-866-551-4033: Air Expedite
  • White Glove Services: US and Canada
  • 1-888-444-5940: FedEx Truckload Brokerage: US and Canada
  • 1-800-762-3725: FedEx Ground Tracking
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