Georgia Power Customer Care Service Support Toll Free Phone Number:1-833-201-7903

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Georgia Power Customer Service Phone Number:1-833-201-7903

Georgia is an electrical utility company of United States which provides electricity to more than 2.4 million customers. Further, the company is the largest among the four major electric utility companies operated and owned by Southern Company. Moreover, Georgia utility company has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Initially, the company was known as Georgia Railway and Power Company.
Originally, it began a company operating the streetcars in Atlanta in 1902. Moreover, gradually the company achieved growth and more and more customers connected with company. The company also published a newsletter in 1930s named Two Bells that was available in the streetcars.

Customer Support phone number for Georgia Power

Support and Contact phone number for Georgia Power Company

Get all the 1-800 customer service number for Georgia Power here on one platform? Find the complete list below and dial the appropriate customer service number to connect to the customer Georgia Power Company. Below are the numbers.

For Georgia Power Billing, Residential Customer Service, and Website Support call on 1-888-660-5890 (service 24/7)

Call on the phone number for instant customer support also call for power billing. In addition, you can ask questions regarding billing and website support. Connect with our customer reps for quick solutions of your technical issues. Dial the number and avail 24/7 customer service.

Georgia Power Outage: 1-888-891-0938 (available 24/7)

In case of power outage, you can call on the number for quick removal of your grievances also call on the number to ask questions regarding power outage.

For Business Customer Service call on 1-833-201-7903

Timing: Mon – Fri from 8am to 6pm (EST)
Call on the above number for quick customer service. Also, call on the customer reps on the appropriate time according to time available for this check the time of availability of customer reps.

Customer Care Toll Free Number
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Customer Care Toll Free Number,
Telephone No.888-660-5890