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MagicJack Customer Service Phone Number : 1-833-452-2826

MagicJack developed a VOIP (Voice Over IP) which is an internet based telephone service. Moreover, MagicJack is a simple device which a user can insert a USB port on his/her computer system also if he/she has MagicJack Plus then it can be directly inserted in the router. However, wherever the user plug the device after that user can make unlimited phone calls in US and Canada.

Moreover, this device uses the internet of the user and connect to the other user whom is to call through his or her IP address. So, basically, it’s a useful technology which allows users to call someone without any usual telephone connection. In addition, the device comes with a standard RJ-11 telephone jack which help users to plug in any standard phone device.

Though, this is just a computer peripheral but in with its combined feature of telephony service this device has become a most useful and amazing device which help users make phone calls. Further, the device since its invention has been a popular device and since then above 10 million MagicJack devise has been sold. Apart from this, millions of users also downloaded its Telephone App/Softphone on their smartphones and tablets.

Support and Contact phone number for MagicJack, find here

Looking to find the toll free 1-800 customer service number for MagicJack then get all the important phone numbers. Dial the appropriate phone number to seek help and support from MagicJack company. For enquiries regarding bills and other call on the number given below. So, here are the important support contacts use the numbers to contact MagicJack customer service.

  • Contact 1-800-magicJack for Sales call on 1-800-624-4252
  • For Billing Inquires call on 1-844-866-2442 (call Within Canada and the US)
  • To call from outside US and Canada please dial 1-561-594-9925
Customer Care Toll Free Number 1-833-452-2826
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Customer Care Toll Free Number 1-833-452-2826
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