Fixed! Here Is How You Can Resolve All Your magicJack Issues

“It Just Makes Cents.”

MagicJack is currently one of the most popular products in the internet calling industry. Due to its Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology, magicJack allows you to call in US and Canada without any additional telephone services. The company has sold more than 10 million magicJack devices so far. Apart from this, millions of users also downloaded its Telephone App/Soft phone on their smartphones and tablets.

Using magicJack device may attract some non-welcome issues such as call drop and device freezing from time to time. If you also have faced these issues and wants a permanent fix, here is a complete troubleshoot guide for magicJack issues.

Some Common magicJack Issues

MagicJack calling issues

  • Incoming caller ID not working
  • magicJack issues with windows 10
  • Getting a error code
  • magicJack problems receiving calls
  • Unable to make phone calls with magicJack
  • magic jack not working no dial tone
  • ‘Line In Use’ error

MagicJack Device issues

  • magicJack fax issues
  • magicJack echo issues
  • magicJack quality issues
  • magic jack not working with router
  • Getting installation error
  • Static issues
  • magicJack go problems
  • magicJack registration issues

MagicApp Issues

  • Security issues
  • Audio quality issues
  • Missing calls on iPhone
  • Text messages gone
  • Not getting text messages

MagicJack Troubleshoot Guide

Troubleshoot magicJack Quality Issues

  • Try the power cycling technique by disconnecting the device for 30 seconds and inserting it again.
  • Make sure that your device is connected with a high speed internet.
  • Let the reset process complete before using the device.
  • If you are having issues in voice calls, make sure you haven’t set the voice output on the maximum level.
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of magicJack software on your device.

Troubleshoot Static Issue in magicJack

Try doing the following process in case you are hearing a static in your voice calls:

  • Unplug your device and insert it at some other power source.
  • Make sure that the device is not faulty by trying the calling with another phone.
  • Make sure your internet connection is active and strong.
  • Try changing your device’s Ethernet and Phone cable.

Troubleshoot Call Dropping Issues in magicJack

If you are facing call drop issues in in your magicJack equipment, follow these troubleshoot options to resolve this issue:

  • Make sure that you have active internet connection in your computer. If you have a wireless device, use a internet connection with high speed.
  • A stable connection is a must for a good quality calling services.
  • Make sure your device is having full signal networks in your device.
  • If you live at a place with high power cuts, use a external UPS device.
  • Try power cycling your device. Reset your modem or router by unplugging the power cord from the power outlet and connecting it again after 60 seconds.
  • After connecting your device, try calling with your magicJack.

Troubleshoot Broken Storage Issues in magicJack

  • Disconnect the magicJack from your computer and insert it again while pressing the Shift key.
  • Open your My Computer drive and go to the drive with one of the names from ‘Removable Disk’, Phone or Vista Only.
  • Select your device and right click on it. Select the Format option and click Start.
  • After this process completes, unplug it again and plug it after 30 seconds.

Troubleshoot Incoming Calls Issues In iPhone magicApp

  • Make sure that you have enabled the app device notifications.
  • Check that your iPhone is having strong network signals.
  • Make sure that the Alert Style in magicapp’s setting is enabled and set on Notifications Sound On.
  • Make sure that you are using the latest iOS in your iPhone to avoid any service disconnection.

Didn’t find your solution in this troubleshoot guide? Dial and get instant magicJack customer service.

MagicJack Setup And Installation

To install and use magicJack, you only require 2 elements. A high speed internet and a home phone. If you have these things at hand, follow these Steps to install magicJack:

Step 1 – Insert magicJack device in your computer’s USB port. Your computer will automatically detect the device and run the software installation program. Now insert the telephone line in the magicJack device in the given port which will be labeled as ‘Phone’.

Step 2 – After the magicJack software is installed, click on the ‘register’ option. Enter all the relevant details like personal information, email ID, credit card details and order number to proceed in the registration process.

Step 3 – Select ‘Yes’ on the ‘Terms Of Services’ box and opt ‘I Agree’. Click next.

Step 4 – Select an option from the given preference:

  • I do not want a phone number – Select this option if you do not want a number
  • Vanity Number – Select this option if you want to use your own number
  • I want a Canadian number – Select this option if you want to use a Canadian number
  • I do not want a Vanity or Canadian number – Select this option if you want a normal phone number.
  • I elect to accept free outgoing service – Select this option if you want register to make outgoing calls.

Step 5 – You will receive a confirmation mail on your email ID containing your login password. Make a login with your new password and your setup will be finished.

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