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Palmetto Pass – Customer Support

The managing of traffic plays a very crucial role in determining a smooth traffic. In the highways it becomes mandatory to ensure that usage of smart techniques are put into motion. This is why company like Palmetto Pass comes into play. They have adopted smart methods like – Tolls which takes care of the smooth functioning and removes traffic jams. Well in the past years company has always been very instrumental in creating a convenience for the commuters.

Location of Service Center : Well many times it is seen that some fault takes place and for this Palmetto Pass has made arrangements that locating of service station does not become a problem.
If you are looking for a service station in the state, then the dialing of 888- 725 – 8655 comes very handy.
For the people residing outside the state dialing of toll free number 843- 342-6718 is the number that is used.

For customer support purposes
If there is any customer that is willing to ask any question related to functioning of it, should dial the toll free number 843 – 342 – 6718
For the people residing in South Carolina are supposed to dial toll free number 888 – 725 – 8655.

Business Hours :
Monday to Friday and the time slot is 8:30 am to 5:30 Pm
On Saturday special time slot is defined 9 :00 Am to 1 Pm

This is how Palmetto Pass has become a wonderful and the most reliable company in the US for this particular product. There is nothing that the company is not able to handle and enjoys the rest of the time period. They have completely understood the concept and are thus thriving in their respective field. If there is any fault then the service department takes care of in a very interesting way.

Customer Care Toll Free Number
Service Type
Customer Care Toll Free Number,
South Carolina,South Carolina,South Carolina-29401,
Telephone No.843 – 342 – 6718