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Sprint has recently launched a new product line with Unlimited Wireless plans + New Phones. You can get a smartphone for a very attractive price with more than attractive unlimited internet plans. Even though Sprint is launching one great plan after another, its shift from services to plans creating a trouble for Sprint users. There are several complains of Sprint service outage in main areas.

If you are a Sprint customer, you might also have faced these sprint service outages. If you are looking for a effective way, you can call on and get instant help for any of the sprint issues. Sprint customer support makes sure that its users do not have to suffer for a long time.

Sprint Customer Service

Sprint customer service is available 24/7 to provide any assistance which you need for the following services:

  • Device protection services
  • Entertainment services
  • Calling services
  • Voicemail services
  • My Sprint app
  • Text messaging services
  • Safety related services

Common Sprint Service Outage Issues

Sprint Account Issues
  • Problems in changing device ownership
  • Unable to upgrade device
  • Unable to file report for a stolen device
  • Problems in registering a Add On Service
  • Unable to retrieve your username or password
  • Forgot the user account number
  • Unable to update PIN online
  • Issues in swapping a device
  • Phone unlocking to use other carrier
  • Problems in getting a back up

Sprint Phone Issues

  • Unable to report a physical damage report
  • Device camera not working
  • Unable to hear any sound
  • Corrupt memory card
  • Having trouble in iPhone Forever program
  • Unable to activate a device
  • Unable to use Voicemail
  • Unable to connect with other devices
  • Not getting Sprint service on iPhone
  • Issue in activating Sprint Drive on iPhone X
  • Screen freezing
  • Text messaging is not working
  • Phone gets hot on continuous using
  • Unable to hear the caller
  • Unable to use internet on Sprint device
  • Problem with Phone’s Proximity sensor
  • Problem of Bluetooth icon disappearing

Sprint Internet Issue

  • Experiencing data issues.
  • Internet not working while on call
  • Continuous signals drop downs
  • LTE issue in Samsung S10
  • Sprint LTE not working in iPhone 7
  • Sprint WiFi not connecting to iPhone X
  • Slow internet speed
  • Unable to access a website

Sprint Billing Issues

  • Unable to you view your bill online
  • Cant enroll in AutoPay
  • Not receiving bill notifications
  • Getting jump charged on my bills
  • Unable to register debit and credit card details
  • Issues is scheduling a payment

My Sprint App Issues

  • Unable to pay bill using My Sprint app
  • My Sprint app not working
  • My Sprint app not working on iPhone
  • My Sprint app not working on Samsung Galaxy
  • My Sprint app not working 2019
  • Unable to log into My Sprint app
  • Network not available in My Sprint app

Sprint Music Plus Issues

  • Sprint Music Plus not working
  • Unable to open Sprint Music Plus
  • Unable to install Sprint Music Plus in Android device
  • Not able to set ringtone using Sprint Music Plus
  • Sprint Ringback tone not working 2019
  • Tracks stopping in the middle
  • Sprint Music Plus wont start
  • Unable to find music

Sprint Troubleshoot Tool

Troubleshooting Sprint Internet Issues

  • Make sure that Sprint 4G LTE is activated in your phone. You can check it on Sprint Zone.
  • Make sure you are using the latest software in your device.
  • Never use older version of browsers for internet usage as they might hinder your internet speed.
  • If you are unable to use internet, do a power cycle on your device.
  • If you have access to a Sprint internet outage map, make sure if you are the only one who is facing internet outage or Sprint internet is out in your whole area.
  • If the internet is down in your area, there are chances there might be some technical fault from the Sprint side. You can connect with a WiFi for meanwhile or contact Sprint.

Troubleshoot Sprint Phone Screen Issues

  • Make sure that your device is not using multiple applications in the backdrop. There are several apps which keep on running even if you are not using the device.
  • Uninstall unnecessary apps from your phone. Keeping loads of applications may impact the working of your phone.
  • Always install applications from verified resources. There are several malware apps which can cause serious damage on your phone’s software.
  • Clean your cache and cookies time to time.
  • Make sure that you are using the latest software version of your device.
  • Do a power cycle on your phone. Turn it OFF for a minute and remove the battery if it can be removed. Insert the battery after a minute and turn it ON.

Troubleshoot Sprint Transmission Issues

If your Sprint transmission is failing quickly or it is acting slow, you can follow these options:

  • Make sure that you are not in a signal outage area. There are several areas and corners where your device might not get full signals.
  • Check that SIM card is connected securely in the SIM card slot.
  • Verify that there are no wavelength hindrance at your place. Several equipment like microwave and antenna work on wavelength and that might interfere in your device’s transmission.

Troubleshoot Service Issues in iPhone

  • Make sure you have enabled the cellular data in your device.
  • Check you data connectivity by using the Safari browser o check if the internet is working or not. Use only the latest version of Safari.
  • If all the services are down in your Sprint iPhone, make sure that your subscription has not expired.
  • Go to the settings in your device and check that you are using the latest device software.
  • Perform a soft reset by Switching your device OFF for a minute and turning it ON.

Troubleshoot Issues In Sprint Music Plus

  • Keep in mind to uninstall any previous version before downloading the latest version. If you have previous version installed, you might not be able to activate the latest version.
  • Keep your Sprint Music Plus app up to data by timely update The newer versions are specially created to reduce down the bugs.
  • If you cant find your music tracks, go to the Storage/SDdcard0/Music/lwmmedia. You can also access these files via third party file manager apps or your default music player.
  • If your app is not starting up, uninstall the app and install it again.

Ways To Get In Touch With Sprint Customer Service

You can use any of the following methods to get in touch with Sprint tech support:
  • Direct Support – Get in touch with a Sprint tech expert within seconds by calling and talk with a real person.
  • Sprint Chat – Chat with a Sprint representative get instant resolution for your queries.
  • Sprint Support Center – Get unlimited access to Sprint resources and find solutions to all your Sprint issues with the self service portal.
  • Sprint Business Email – If you are a user of Sprint Business services, you can mail on and get all the necessary information.
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