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UPS : Customer Service

UPS is undoubtedly the best service provider in the segment of courier & shipping. It is so because of the fact that a complete understanding of the cli4ents needs is taken care of in the most efficient manner. This company gives complete value to the goods that are being transported from one place to the other. It is because of this professionalism that the client base is swelling from day to day.

Customer Service : The UPS has been very ardent in making sure that all the clients are kept at the highest priority. In fact the toll free number that is being issued for delivering quality customer service. So the dialing of 1 – 800 – 742 – 5877. Well this number has been specially for the clients living in (USA & Canada).

International Import & Export : The company has been very instrumental in making sure that all the clients are kept happy. So the clients who want to transfer their goods from one place to the other can first take the use of a toll free number 800 – 782 – 7892. This is why the level of the goods being shipped or transported is so good and effective.

Mexico : All the residents of Mexico who have any type of query can take the use of a toll free number issued by UPS. 01 – 800 – 7433 – 877 (01 – 800 – PIDE – UPS).

UPS Corporate & Regional Headquarters:
UPS world Headquarter
55 Glenlake Parkway NE
Atlanta , GA 30328
United States
Tele No : 1 – 800 – PICK UPS

UPS Asia Pacific Region Office
UPS House
22 Changi South Avenue 2
Singapore, 486064

This is how the scale of quality work is not just improving but on the other hand assisting the clients as well.

Customer Care Toll Free Number
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Customer Care Toll Free Number,
Atlanta, Georgia, United States,Atlanta, Georgia, United States,Atlanta, Georgia, United States-30301,
Telephone No.800 – 742 – 5877