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What is USAA- a brief Introduction?

United Services Automobile Association (USAA) is a financial group of companies offering investing, insurance and Banking services to Customers. USAA had 11.4 million customers throughout the USA in the year 2015.

The Company brought into existence by some U.S Army Officers. The reason for it was Military officials were unable to secure an Auto Insurance because of their job, so it served to them a mechanism for mutual self-insurance.
It serves war veterans, retired military personals and their families. The Company supports the mission of the soldiers in every possible way.

So when you decide to become part of the USAA, you also become the part of extended military–based family and support system. And this legacy reaches to your future generations as well.
The company dominated the market for decades together. The first name of the company is United States Army Automobile Association. And this name was changed to United Services Automobile Association in 1924. United States Army Automobile headquarter is in northwest San Antonio, Texas on An area of 286 acres.

USAA Toll Free Numbers

If you have been wondering to know the USAA Support and Contact Toll Free 1-800 service Numbers, then without leaving this page, scroll down and note down the numbers written on this page. These are the USAA Toll Free Numbers for Support and Contact.

A. 800-531-8722: Customer Service USAA

  • You can give call to this number for seeking information related to your accounts, Claims, Auto, Banking and Life Insurance.
  • You can ask any question to the Company representatives to see the desired information.

B. 1-877-632-3002: Website Technical Support

  • It is a 24 hour service. You can ask for information how to open an account at
    And you can Verify Coverage or file Auto Claim.
  • You can check or seek details related to membership information. You can claim Auto repay off or just verify funds.

C. 1-877-314-2255: Financial Planning

D. 1-800-531-8555: Roadside Assistance

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