Western Union Customer Support Toll Free Phone Number

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Western Union Toll Free Support and Contact Numbers

Western Union is a well-known Global Money exchanging service. On this page we will provide you all the Support and contact Toll Free Service numbers of Western Union. You just note down these numbers in your copy or Notepad. And use them when needed.

Western Union Toll Free Support and Contact Numbers

  • 1-800-325-6000: Customer Service Western Union
    You can use this number to find an agent.
    And you can also check the status of your money or to make necessary changes in your money transfer.
    You can avail services like Send Money, Check Fees, and exchange Rates and also to find the location of agents
    You can also report issues with your previous transaction.
    You can also seek assistances like fraud protection, telegrams or money order
  • 1-800-999-9660: Western Union Money Order
    You can also make use of this number to file refund request or to check the status of money order.
    You can also seek info related to altered money order or the lost stolen.
  • 1-800-238-5772: Customer Care Quick Collect
  • 1-888-628-8862: Western Union Gold Card Phone Support Provider
  • 1-877-256-6918: Western Union PrePaid

Western Union

It is a financial service and communication Company based in America. And its headquarters are in Meridian, Colorado. But you will see of nearby Englewood postal designation in its mailing address.
Till 2006, it was considered the best Company of US in exchanging Telegram business. But it had to discontinue that service because of the evolution in the technological field and the strong takeover of internet.
This company has multiple divisions that include money orders, person to person money transfer, and commercial services etc. It dominated the Telegraph industry for the entire 19th century. And it was first communications channel that set a pattern for the upcoming American-style communications businesses.

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Englewood, Colorado, United States,Englewood, Colorado, United States,Englewood, Colorado, United States-80110,
Telephone No.800-325-6000