Although Panasonic printers are great with some really amazing features, you may, sometimes, face technical errors while using these printers. Don’t panic, this is not something that happens only with Panasonic. It can happen anywhere, anytime and it’s better to have some idea about how to deal with it instead of worrying about it. The good news is, Panasonic offers the best customer support just like their products. In case, you have an issue and want to speak with a Panasonic customer service executive, you can call their helpline number 1-833-201-7904 and get your issues resolved in no time.

Issues You May Face

  • Formatting concerns
  • Paper jamming issues
  • Spooler errors
  • Blue screen error
  • Low print quality
  • Compatibility issues with your OS
  • Wi-Fi related issues
  • Configuration errors
  • Issues with drivers and software
  • Issues with ink cartridges

Don’t worry, if you are facing any of these errors. Panasonic support team will fix them for you in no time. In case of any such issue, you can contact their helpline number 1-833-201-7904 and get instant help. However, it is not always necessary to contact a customer service executive to get an error fixed. There are troubleshooting ideas that can help you out. Here, we have discussed a few common issues and troubleshooting techniques for them. Have a look.

What To Do If The Paper Comes Out As Folded Wrinkled After Printing?

In such a situation, you should check whether the paper has been loaded properly. Also, you can turn over the paper or rotate it by 180 degree. By doing so, you will be able to fix the issue by yourself.

In case, it doesn’t work for you, you can call 1-833-201-7904 anytime and get instant help.

How To Fix The Issue Of Poor Printing Quality? 

Sometimes you may notice smudges in the prints, blurred lines or points may also be there. The problem may occur in case you are not using the right paper type or there may be some other reason too. For such issues, you should try the following things:

  • You can check with the instructions given on the paper packet. Some papers come with instructions about which side to be used for printing. You can try turning over the paper if no instructions are there. 
  • The paper shouldn’t be too damp. In that case you should use new paper.
  • In case you are printing several papers at a time, the back side of the paper may have smudges causing the issue. You should try expanding the paper exit to avoid such an issue.

In case, you can’t fix the issue, you can call 1-833-201-7904 anytime and get instant help.

What If Even After Changing The Recording Paper I Can’t Get The Desired Quality?

Don’t panic if the issue doesn’t get fixed. Try these troubleshooting techniques instead:

  • If your issue is not resolved even after changing the paper, you must check the glass then. It may be dirty because of correction fluid etc. 
  • You can also try replacing the toner cartridge. This will, most probably, fix the issue.

I Am Getting Black And White Prints Even For The Colored Objects, What To Do?

This type of error may occur because of incorrect settings. Select ‘Color’ from the options and check the box ‘Grayscale’ and try again. By doing the correct settings, you will be able to get rid of this issue easily by yourself. You may feel like this is a big problem but adjusting your settings a bit may do the job.

In case, your issue is still not resolved, you can call 1-833-201-7904 anytime and get instant help.

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