The Complete Time Warner Cable Troubleshoot DIY Library

Time Warner provides various services through its cable segment such as internet, phone and cable services.  With millions of customers using these services daily, it is pretty common to face some or the other issue everyday. These problems may arise due to several reasons including both man made and natural disasters. Time Warner provides timely […]

Time Warner provides various services through its cable segment such as internet, phone and cable services.  With millions of customers using these services daily, it is pretty common to face some or the other issue everyday. These problems may arise due to several reasons including both man made and natural disasters. Time Warner provides timely service to resolve any such error or issue which is stopping a customer from using its services. If any issues contact support service.

When Time Warner cable service is down due to heavy weather conditions, it gets tough to get in touch with a Time Warner customer support. That is where this article can help you in several ways. You can find the troubleshoot process for all the Time Warner cable services. Keep in mind that since the acquisition of Time Warner by Charter, it is now a part of Charter Spectrum group and also known as Spectrum.

How To Use This Troubleshoot Guide?

First, you have to make sure which services are down. If you have a bundle package, there are chances that only one or two services are down. If you are facing trouble in only one issue, you can follow the below-mentioned troubleshoot guide. But if more than two services are down, it is better to get in touch with Time Warner customer support. You have to

  • Locate the problem
  • Make sure that your device is not damaged
  • Make sure you are not using outdated devices or software
  • Check that you are getting power supply
  • Check with other customers if they are getting the service or not

Time Warner Cable Internet Complete troubleshoot Guide

Factors Which May Affect Time Warner Internet Performance

These are some of the factors which may create a negative impact on your internet performance:

  • Viruses and Adware
  • File sharing programs
  • Malware software
  • Firewalls
  • Power outage in the area
  • Low RAM

Time Warner Cable Internet Issues

  • Unable to use Spectrum account as a new user
  • Low speed internet
  • Internet service outage
  • Unable to connect to VPN
  • Issues in router login
  • Weak signals or no signals

Reset Your Equipment

If you are getting low speed internet or internet is down in your area, the reset process can easily resolve these issues. Here is the complete process to reset your equipment:

  • Sign into your Time Warner or Spectrum account.
  • Go to the Account Summary page and select Services.
  • Select Internet in the Services & Equipment section.
  • Find your device which you want to reset and click on Experiencing Issues.
  • Click on Reset Equipment. Your device will start the resetting process.
  • Just follow the instructions to reset your modem or router.

Maximize Your Internet Performance

If you follow these points, you can get the best out of your internet:

  • Always keep your modem in a clean and pristine condition and do not let dust settle on the device as it can block the signals.
  • Place your equipment within maximum range to get full internet signals on your device.
  • Do not place your router or modem at a block-out place. If your device is blocked by some hard object, you might not be able to receive complete signals.
  • Make sure to use a 5 GHz device to optimize the highest internet speed.

Time Warner Cable Internet Troubleshoot

Here is what you have to do in case your Time Warner cable internet is giving you trouble:

  • Make sure all the wires are connected properly in your equipment. Check that the modem or router is connected securely with an electricity outlet.
  • Verify that you have not set your output device on ‘Airport Mode’ and it is set on enable to receive signals.
  • Make sure your router and modem are not damaged.
  • Reset your modem and router by doing the power cycle technique.

Time Warner Cable TV Complete Troubleshoot Guide

Factors Which May Affect Internet Performance

There are several elements which may give you a negative TV viewing experience to resolve tv troubleshooting:

  • Damaged wiring
  • No satellite signals
  • Cloudy weather conditions
  • Receiver not getting signals

Time Warner Cable TV Issues:

  • Issues with live TV channel streaming
  • Unable to use DVR feature
  • Receiver not getting signals
  • Missing channel issue
  • Getting WUC and WVM error code
  • Black screen
  • Ghosting image
  • Awkward screen fit
  • Snowy picture
  • Black borders
  • Hum bar lines
  • Fuzzy screen
  • Frozen or distorted screen
  • Unable to update Spectrum TV system
  • Colored or black lines appearing on the screen
  • Poor audio and picture quality
  • Issues with DVR set up
  • Other TV-related issues

Reset Your DVR

DVR is one of the most important equipment today in the TV industry. If you are unable to use your Time Warner DVR, follow these steps:

  • Make sure that your device has appropriate space available to download content.
  • Keep in mind that you cannot record an On Demand program.
  • Check that its coaxial cable is connected securely with the outlet.
  • DVRs do not work if covered so make sure you are not covering up with anything.
  • Some contents which are apparently new are not available for record.

Time Warner Cable TV Troubleshoot

Unable to enjoy your Time Warner cable TV completely? Follow these troubleshoot steps to resolve all your cable TV issues:

  • Make sure that you have selected the right input method on your TV.
  • Reset your receiver and TV by plugging them out from the power and plugging them again after 60 seconds.
  • Verify that your receiver is getting complete signal. Put it at a place where it can access signals easily.
  • Most of the TV issues such as image ghosting, mirror image and black screen occurs directly from the main signal providers. There is not much you can do in such cases.
  • Issues like bar lines, small picture size and low resolution may occur due to a fault in the TV itself. Contact your TV company in such case.

Time Warner Cable Phone Complete troubleshoot Guide

Factors Which May Affect Phone Performance

  • Digging for a repair work
  • Broken phone device
  • Harsh weather conditions
  • Outdated device
  • Long date due bill

Time Warner Phone issues:

  • Not able to make calls
  • Issues with dial tone change
  • No Dial Tone Issue
  • Not able to use Wi-Fi calling
  • Increase in spam calls
  • Dropped Call Issue
  • Problem in Android Pie update
  • Getting no dial tone
  • Unable to make incoming and outgoing calls
  • Not able to set a voicemail
  • Poor voice quality on phone
  • Issues with caller ID
  • Issues with call forwarding

Reset The Time Warner Phone Modem

Follow these steps to power reboot your Time Warner Phone Modem:

  • Unplug the MTA (cord) from the power output.
  • Wait for 30 seconds and plug it in.
  • Let the device to self-initialize. This might take up-to 5 minutes.
  • Try to place a call after receiving signals.

Time Warner Cable Phone Troubleshoot

If your Warner phone is giving you trouble, try this self-troubleshoot guide:

  • If you are unable to get a dial tone, try connecting some other phone with the cable. If you hear dial tone, the problem lies in the equipment.
  • Make sure your device has not damaged.
  • If you are facing trouble due to harsh weather conditions, you might have to wait till the weather clears to resume your phone service.
  • Always connect the cable in the LINE 1 output and the coaxial cable in the CABLE IN output to get maximum signals.
  • Try to reboot your phone to rectify small issues.