Verizon is one of the leading telecommunications companies which offers local and long-distance phone calling, high-speed Internet and television service. Further, Verizon services are available for both business as well as Verizon Residential Customer Service. The company offers bundled service, known as FiOS for both residential and business customers.

At times, Verizon customers can encounter technical glitches with their services. And, if you are using the residential services, then Verizon customer service for residential service offers you a helping hand to fix your issues. It takes nearly no effort and time in getting help from highly skilled tech professionals that assist you resolve all of your Verizon issues.

Whether you are facing trouble with your phone or unable to connect to Verizon Internet or there is a problem with the television service, just pick your phone and contact the tech professionals for immediate assistance. In no time, after connecting to the experts, you’ll be able to fix your issues.

Common Verizon Residential Customer Support Technical Issues Where Our Experts Can Provide Instant Help

No matter what kind of issues you are facing, with the help of our tech professionals, you can easily fix them. The following are some common issues that Verizon residential users may face and talk to our experts to get resolution of these issues:

  • Not able make calls with your Verizon Residential phone service.
  • Verizon email service issues.
  • Have issues with your residential television service.
  • Your device fails to connect to 4G LTE or Wi-Fi.
  • Issues with Verizon FiOS service.
  • Verizon bill pay issues.
  • Unable to connect your device with PC using USB cable.
  • Problems regarding Verizon cable service and so on.

Verizon Tech Support Phone Number Info:

Customer service number: 1-855-378-3879
Support service time: 24/7 for 365 days