Overcome All Wow! Tech Hassles with Wow Customer Service Phone Number 1-833-452-2826


Looking for WOW customer service phone number to resolve your issues? Here, you can find the toll-free WOW customer service number to talk to real customer reps. So, by contacting to these reps, you can get assistance to resolve your issues without delay.

Apart from requesting for an instant help from the reps, you should also make a clear note of all your queries so that you can get answers to your questions about WOW! Cable TV, phone, internet or WOW Business issues.

How to Contact Real Reps Through the Wow Tech Support Number?

The procedure to contact WOW reps is very quick and easy. Simply, you need to dial the toll-free helpline number to get in touch with them. Although common issues on which customers look for assistance include low my bill, change services, overcharges on account, cancel my services, setup service, etc.

Moreover, several customers also face billing and internet related issues. Customers can also be seen seeking help for WOW business problems as well.  WOW customer service phone number is a one-stop destination for all such issues. Here, customers get help to resolve problems for different issues from the reps specifically trained to handle all sorts of problems.

What problems can customers resolve with customer support service?

Although there are several dedicated departments like WOW internet support, WOW business support and for assistance on issues related to WOW cable service.

However, a single support helpline is available to connect to the different departments for the resolution of customers’ issues.

So, with experts’ assistance, one can resolve all issues, including the below-given ones in no time:

  • Not able to log in to WOW Email service.
  • How to recover email password?
  • Problems in making online payments or have billing issues.
  • How to troubleshoot common WOW cable TV problems?
  • Not able to fix internet issues.
  • Difficulties in business service.
  • Phone problems not able to fix.
  • Forgot WOW! email or account password/log in id.
  • How to lower bill?
  • Unable to cancel any service.

Find solutions to these issues along with all other problems on a single platform by interacting with experts. Thus, not only customers get resolutions to all major and minor issues, but they can also find answers to their queries from WOW customer  service.

Also, the service is available 24/7, so that customers can contact the reps at any time of the day or night.

Some common troubleshooting and FAQs:

Although customers can resolve all their problems through the help of reps available on WOW customer support number. However, by reading the below FAQs and common troubleshooting ideas, customers can easily resolve some petty issues on their own.

Moreover, you can also consider reading the below FAQs to troubleshoot common issues without any support.

How to troubleshoot cable modem not working issue?

First of all, you need to ensure that your power cable, Ethernet/USB, coaxial cable, and modem connections are not loose. Next, ensure that your modem is connected to the WOW! Network. For this, proceed as follows:

  • Check the online or cable light on your modem to ensure that it is solid green.
  • Now, if you find that the light is green and not blinking, then unplug the power cord of your modem from the electrical outlet. Then, wait for 2 minutes and finally, plug in it back.

In case if you have an advanced modem with an internal battery, then you have to press the reset button found on the back of the modem (Press the button for about 5 seconds).

After this, reboot your computer system. If you are still facing the internet issue, then please contact WOW! support service.

How to register a phone number to stop receiving telemarketing calls?

  • You have two options to register your number, i.e., register over the phone or online.

Register your number online:

You can register your phone number online by simply visiting the below website. Read below steps for this:

  • First, visit www.DONOTCALL.gov.
  • A valid email address is required in order to sign up to the website online.

Register your number over the phone:

  • Call 1-888-382-1222 (For TTY 1-866-290-4236) from your phone number that you want to register.

What to do if TV remote is not working?

  • If your remote has stopped working, then first check the batteries and replace if necessary.
  • In case it doesn’t work, then your remote control may require reprogramming.
  • If you are still facing the issue, then contact support service for immediate help.

How to enable/disable Parental Controls via cable receiver?

Follow the below-given steps in case you have a Digital Receiver, HD or DVR:

For Evansville customers:

  1. Press the Settings key once.
  2. Now, enter more settings by pressing the ‘Yellow Triangle’ button.
  3. Highlight the “Parental Control” option by using the Up or Down arrow buttons.
  4. Now, press Select.
  5. Next, highlight “Enable” or “Disable” as per your choice.
  6. Now, press Select again.
  7. After this, you need to provide your Parental Control PIN (3215 is the default PIN).
  8. Finally, press the ‘Yellow Triangle’ key for OK.
  9. Press Exit to get out of the menu.

For Detroit, Ohio, and Illinois customers:

  1. Press the Settings key once.
  2. Choose the “Turn On/Off Parental Control” option by pressing the Up/Down arrow keys.
  3. Now, by pressing the Select you can change the setting to “Off” or “On” as per your choice.
  4. Next, provide the Parental Control PIN (3215 is the default PIN).

Get rid of all tech hassles and find complete assistance at WOW customer support. Just contact the customer reps and get instant help to remove your problems.

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