Common issues that trouble Xfinity users quite often such as Xfinity WiFi hotspot issues, problems with the Xfinity TV, internet connectivity issues, we solve them all.

We help you resolve issues instantly by connecting you to our skilled tech experts, who help you resolve all Xfinity related issues in a step-by-step manner.

Given is a list of some common issues where you may need help:

Xfinity Voice:

  • Voicemail issues
  • No dial tone
  • Making or receiving calls
  • Language settings
  • Modem issues and more…

Xfinity TV:

  • App and billing problems
  • Channel and programming issues
  • Cable box and signal related
  • DVR and connection problems
  • Setup/Installation/Configuration problems
  • Picture & sound issues and more…

Xfinity Internet:

  • Connection problems
  • Modem issues
  • Wi-Fi setup
  • Tel 1 light issue and more…

Listed above are some examples of possible issues with the Xfinity, however, all issues are not limited to them. So, users might face many other issues that are not mentioned here. But whatever is the issue, we have a one place solution that is Xfinity support number.

Some FAQs

How to find the Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot?

When you are in the range of a Xfinity WiFi hotspot, then go to WiFi settings on your device and find “xfinitywifi” SSID (network name). Find the name in the list of available networks.

You have to follow only two easy methods to locate WiFi hotspot:

Also, you can view the secure “XFINITY” SSID on the list of available networks in the select areas. You won’t be able to connect to this SSID directly, but it’s possible to get access once you install a security profile on your gadget.

Is it possible to use the Xfinity Wi-Fi app without internet connection?

Yes, it is possible to make searches without having an internet connection, only if you have installed an offline data set on your device (the data set is available for iOS and Android), there is a list of hot spots.

In order to install offline dataset, follow Below steps:

  • First, visit the Settings menu.
  • Now choose the “Manage Offline Data sets” option once you have an Internet connection.
  • Next, from that place, you can choose the datasets that you want to install.

Note: When your device is offline, you won’t be able to search any location which is not available in the area dataset which you have installed for.

If you are not able to troubleshoot any Xfinity internet issues, contact Xfinity for instant help.

How to troubleshoot no dial tone issue?

Try the following option first:

Are you facing problems with your service like you don’t have a dial tone, then please ensure that wireless phone batteries are not low, and all phones are connected.

Follow the below steps if you are still experiencing the issue:

  • Plug a working wired phone into all jacks to figure out if the problem is with a single jack or the phone.
  • Try to plug your phone into XFINITY Voice modem and check whether the issue is related to the wiring inside your house.
  • In case you own two numbers with your XFINITY Voice service, out of which only one is working, then contact Xfinity support team.
  • View the lights on the digital voice modem. It may require resetting your modem that depends on the light sequence appearing on your device.

Have Xfinity phone issues? Dial the Xfinity toll free number 1-855-378-5820 displayed on the top to get help at once.